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Assessment name: Critical Reflection
Assessment Criteria
You will be assessed on the quality and clarity of the essay to communicate your findings, which will include:
• The use of a model of structured refection.
• The depth of critical refection and appraisal of implications for future learning.
• The use of academic literature to support the essay.
• Academic communication including structure, grammar and referencing.
Length: 1,200 words
Estimated time to complete task: 30 hours
Weighting: 30%
Individual/Group: Individual
Formative/Summative: Summative
How will I be assessed?: 7-point grading scale using a marking rubric
Presentation requirements:
This assessment task must:
• be written as a first-person account
• be written as an essay using full sentences and paragraphs
• use 12-point font
• use double line spacing
• include page numbers
• have headings to guide your work
• include a reference list on a new page
• use Harvard referencing for citing academic literature
• be submitted in electronic format via the submission portal.
NB: the assignment word count includes any words in the body of the assignment, including headings, in-text references and quotations. It does not include the reference list or appendices.
Task description: Aim
This task allows you to critically reflect on and appraise a learning experience that you have been involved in either during this course or whilst on a recent clinical practicum. Reflection deepens understanding and enables quality improvement in practice.
This is an individual assignment of 1,200 words.

Reflect on a learning experience you have encountered in this course OR a recent clinical experience. For example, you might choose to reflect on a video that is provided to you on Blackboard, or a discussion that occurred during a tutorial. If you have been on clinical prac recently and experienced an episode of learning that involved someone with the experience of a mental illness, this would also be useful to reflect on for this assessment task.

Using either Johns’ or Gibbs’ model, critically reflect upon how your chosen experience has impacted upon your learning in relation to the care of someone with mental illness. Critically appraise the learning experience and outline the implications of this learning for your future professional practice.
Your assignment will demonstrate a sound grasp of the following as they relate to the process of reflection:
• Briefly summarise the learning experience. Give enough detail for the reader to be informed about the situation and to understand your involvement. If required, ensure that confidentiality of those involved is maintained.
• Use Johns’ or Gibbs’ model of structured reflection as a framework for discussion.
• Relate your discussion to the current literature. Students who plan to do well in this assignment will read widely, using the required readings as well as additional items drawn from respected academic sources.
What you need to do: Please follow the steps outlined below to answer this assignment question.

Essay Presentation:

1.1 Introduction [100 words +/- 10%]
The introduction should provide a synopsis of what you have written in your assignment. An introduction is not an outline of the assignment question. The Introduction needs to provide a brief story to the reader (your tutor) about the key points you have made in your assignment.
1.2 Reflection [1,000 words +/- 10%]
• Provide a very brief preamble about the importance of reflection to professional practice
• Using Johns’ or Gibbs’ model of reflection, provide a deeply thoughtful account of your chosen learning experience, following the process outlined by Johns or Gibbs. The phases of the chosen reflective model will provide the headings throughout your essay and will guide your process of reflection. For example, If you use Gibbs, your subheadings under the Reflection heading will be: Description, Feelings, Evaluation, Analysis, Conclusion, Action Plan.
• Be clear about your learning outcomes as a consequence of the reflection. What have you learned and how will you practice into the future?
• Use academic literature to support your learning.
1.3 Conclusion [100 words +/- 10%]
Provide a synopsis of your essay, particularly clarifying how Johns’ or Gibbs’ model has guided your learning. Make clear assertions about what you have learned and how this process has helped to shape your practice relevant to your discipline.
Resources needed to complete task: • The readings, lectures and tutorial materials provided on BB will support your completion of this essay. Remember, this assignment is designed to assess how well you articulate what you have learned after deconstructing and then reconstructing your learning experience.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1443 words including References

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