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Assessment 2:
Project Scenario
CQUniversity NAIDOC Week Event
1. Project Title:
CQUniversity NAIDOC Week Event
2. Concept:
Increase the awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ perspectives by creating opportunities for CQU staff and students to engage with the National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) theme for the current year.
3. Background
The School of Engineering and Technology (SET) Indigenisation Committee is interested in projects that will:
• Provide opportunities for respectful and culturally appropriate engagement and collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and/or
• Improve CQU staff and student awareness and understanding of indigenous Australian perspectives and cultures.
At the last meeting, the Committee discussed ideas for hosting events on CQU campuses. The preferred option of the committee was a project to celebrate NAIDOC week by hosting simultaneous events on the main campuses.
4. Preferred Project
The School of Engineering and Technology (SET) Indigenisation Committee has requested a project to host NAIDOC Week events at the following CQUniversity campuses: Rockhampton, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The Committee emphasised that the events were an opportunity for CQU staff and students to engage with and build collaborative relationships with the local Aboriginal Communities.
Visit the NAIDOC week website: to complete the details below.
The events are to reflect the current years NAIDOC week theme, which is:
Events are to occur during NAIDOC week. This year NAIDOC week falls on the following dates:
5. Your Task
The Chair of the CQUniversity SET Indigenisation Committee, Ms Natalie Ewin, has tasked you with providing the project board with further information in relation to the project. The Chair will be the Project Executive (sponsor) for the project board. You are to develop a project plan that reflects the project described in this document and aligns to PMBoK and Prince2 requirements.
6. Due Date
This submission is due in week 8.
7. Template
The Project Executive has supplied a template, which has been tailored to suit the organisational context and incorporates elements of both a project plan and a charter. You are to use the template for the assessment. Delete all blue explanatory text prior to submitting.
8. Marking Breakdown
The marking breakdown below for the submission and are reflected in the content headings of the template provided. To ensure you do not lose marks, ensure you understand the project topic, the content headings and check your writing quality i.e. spelling, grammar etc.
Content of project submission
Project description and justification 6
Stakeholders 10
Requirements management 6
Scope 11
Schedule 6
Cost Baseline 5
Risks 3
Tolerances 1
Lessons 2
Ensure your assessment is submitted in an appropriate format. The information within the file must be able to be read by Turnitin (i.e. no zip files, pictures or PDFs). Submissions should be concise, demonstrate clarity of expression and contain correct grammar and spelling.
Assessments provide the opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to achieve the required standard. To do this, assessment responses need to be both clear and easy to understand. If not, the University cannot determine that students have demonstrated their knowledge and skills. Therefore, assessments will be marked accordingly including the possibility for 0 (zero) marks to be awarded, where applicable.
Each term groups are investigated for academic misconduct; this includes the group members who authored the original submission. It is your responsibility to ensure you understand what constitutes academic misconduct and the consequences. All members of your group will be found guilty regardless of who in the group provided (or failed to secure) the submission as well as those who have copied.
9. Group or Individual
Assessment task 2 is a group assessment. There is to be a maximum of four students per group. Each member of the group must be enrolled in the same tutorial.

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