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Unit 1.2 CN Analyse the Principles of Cosmetic Nursing
Course 52709WA - Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing
Assessment Title Assessment 3 – Case Study
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Assessments Marked “Competent” or “Not Yet Competent”:
1. Must be completed by the due date specified in the student manual for each corresponding unit.
2. If a student fails to meet the due date as specified, this may incur additional fees to extend unit access.
3. If a student consistently achieves “Not Yet Competent” and demonstrates poor performance in all assessments, AACDS reserves the right to terminate the student’s enrolment for the corresponding unit.
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Case Study
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Unit 1.2 CN Analyse the principles of cosmetic nursing
Assignment title Assessment no. 3 – Case Study
Due date Case Study is due week 12
Grading Competent or not yet competent
Learning Outcomes Assessed All learning outcomes will be assessed throughout this assessment
This assessment requires the student to identify and describe the pathway of patient care based on a fictitious case study.
Presentation of the assessment
• Calibri Font (size 12)
• Word count = 1000 words (10% variance above or below the word limit is acceptable)
• The case studies must cover all areas of learning within this unit
• Appendix if applicable
• Referenced information and resources if using information other than the relevant clinical study
• You will need to introduce additional information from your lecture notes, other resources and personal clinical experience to correctly answer some questions
Contents and layout
The case study must contain all information outlined in the Case Study Criteria (located in the Assessment Tab on the Student Portal). The layout of the assignment must flow in a clear and logical manner following the patient’s pathway of care.
Progress and feedback
Feedback and assistance is available from your assessor prior to the assignments due date.
Assessment submission
Please submit your Case Study via EMAIL to your Assessor.
Lucy is a 56 year old lady with a Fitzpatrick skin type I. She is attending the practice for upper blepharoplasty and fully ablative laser of the perioral region. She has been a smoker for over 40 years and has deep static lines around her mouth. You are working in an Accredited Day Unit, which performs surgical procedures under twilight sedation.
a) Identify the role of the nurse from the patient’s first appointment to discharge following surgery.
At her 2-week post-op review, she explains that she is pleased with the results but feels the eye surgery has emphasised the lines at her glabellar and crows feet regions. She also feels the lost volume and definition around her lips still makes her look older. She now wants to address these concerns as soon as possible.
b) Explain your roles and responsibilities following Lucy from her 2-week review to her review appointment following injectables (and any other procedures recommended).

Please be sure to include the following information in your case study:
1. Patient selection criteria
2. Pre-operative assessment
3. Surgical assisting
4. Post-operative wound care and scar management
5. Identification and indications for further treatments/procedures

a) Identify the role of the nurse from the patient’s first appointment to discharge following surgery.
The nurses role are describe as below:
--First consultation
Client will fill in new patient questionnaire
understand client's concerns
information regards to the treatment available for client's concerns are provided,
photographs are taken,
written information with a fee estimate about the discussed procedure is given to the client
Nurse will document the discusssion and photos
--Pre operative care
Nurse will obtain general health assessment: vital signs, medical histroy, allergies, measurements if requried
also provide discussion of pre and post operative issues to the proposed procedures. Written information provided if additional information is given. Appointments are scheduled if dermal therapies are required to be done as part of preparation course prior surgery.
Notes: patient is a smoker, depending on surgery which patient may need to stop smoking 2 weeks pre and post surgery.
--Dermal therapies
Complementary dermal therapies.
For example: Microdermabrasion, IPL or chemical peels
Good preparation and enhancement for surgery
--Theatre nursing
preparation of instruments and equipment for surgeon
adhere to aseptic technique
perform surgical counts
appropriate handling and removal of body tissue and soiled items
anticipation of surgeons needs
work with surgeon and assist with pre operative assessments,
review medical history and assist/organise preparatory investigations.
assist with: skin preparation, draping, preparation for surgery to commence, assist with haemostatsis,
skin and muscle/organ retraction and ensuring clear working field for procedure.
assisting with suturing and wound closure
-- Post operative care advice
1. use an ice cold compress to minimize bruising and swelling
2. keep the wound dry to 24 hours
3. Monitor spotting of blood after surgery, contact nursing staff if it becomes excessive.
4. Do not rub the operated area.
5. Use clorsing ointment to the wounds 3 times a day
6. Leave the paper strips on the wound for as long as possible
7. Avoid vigorous physical activites for 1 week, do not swin or do heavy lifting for 2 weeks
8. Pain management, can take panadol, panadeine.
With ablative laser post care will be
Reepithelialiaztion after refurfacing occurs at a mean of 8.5 days after full ablative laser
1. Gentle wash the skin post ablative laser, gentle cleansings begin a day or two later.
2. Use a lighter moisturizer-sunscreen.
3. Post medications including antibiotics and antivirals are given to prevent postoperative infection
4. Pain relief will be given to reduce mild burning discomfort.
The nurse`s role can be provide correct wound care instruction and scar management,
make sure patient understand the post operative care instruction,
follow up call the next day to find out patient conditions
make a review appointment for patient to see the surgeon

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1162 words including References

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