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Participation Activity Instructions
Course Code and Title LAW2001
Assessment Assessment 1 - Participation Activity 3
Corporate Liability Group Case Analysis & Role Play
Date Trimester 3 - 2016
Individual/Group Group
Module 4
Learning Outcomes
5. Identify the risks of liability arising from diverse sources for both the company and its officers and, in particular, define directors’ duties and the consequences of breaching those duties;
10. Use skills, including analytical and deductive reasoning, in applying the above knowledge, rules and principles of corporations law to factual situations which could arise in practice, in order to solve a problem perceptively and creatively or to have sufficient understanding of the legal issues to know what questions to ask when referring the matter for legal advice.
Submission Due: First week of Module 5
Weighting 2.5%
Total Marks 5
This participation activity is designed to develop students’ reading and research skills, analytical and critical reasoning skills and communication skills, all of which are important to the outcome of the assessments in the course. The benefits of developing these skills, not only in relation to the course itself but also beyond the course, far outweigh the marks awarded for the activity.
The Participation Activity
This Case Analysis on Corporate Liability is covered in Topic 4.3 of Module 4, which is based on Chapter 7 of the prescribed textbook.
Students are to be divided into groups of 3, depending on the size of the class. Each group will be assigned one of three cases in the list referred to below, to analyse and present in a role play session.
The case analysis is intended to assist with an understanding of the basic principles of corporate liability for tort, crime and contract and also with learning how to develop a legal argument based on those principles.
Each student is to select one of the following roles in the case study, depending on the size of the group:
1. Plaintiff
2. Defendant
3. Court
Students are to read the summary of their assigned case in the textbook and then analyse it using the template provided below. For more information on the legal issues raised in the case, see the relevant topic in the text book and you may also choose to read a copy of the law report relating to the case for greater detail. Copies of the law reports are provided in Blackboard.
Students are then to take part in a role play with their group in class, detailing the different circumstances, perspectives and arguments of the parties to the court action, and describing the judgement of the court as well as the court’s reasoning on which the judgement is based (the ratio decidendi). Examples of the various roles are provided in the role play template referred to below.
Written report
A short written report (approximately 200 - 300 words) is to be handed in by each student in class at the time of the role play, recording their individual contribution to the case analysis. The report should have the student’s name and which role they have taken on in the case analysis.
All of the individual reports for a particular group are to be handed in together as one group report, with a cover sheet reflecting the names of the students in the.
The written reports will be assessed as a group.
• A list of the 3 cases to be used in the activity is provided:
Please refer to the link below in Blackboard:
• The Case Analysis Role Play template is provided:
Please refer to the link below in Blackboard:
Plagiarism and Referencing
• It is essential that the written answers be in students’ own words, with the exception of legislation, legal expressions and direct quotations (direct quotations and/or paraphrasing should not exceed 10% of the written answers).
• Any direct quotations from other sources, paraphrasing or reference to another person’s idea in the written report must be referenced in accordance with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation. The AGLC is available in the Torrens online library at the following address:
Please refer to the link below in Blackboard:
A student guide on referencing is attached, for ease of reference.
Please refer to the link below in Blackboard:
Ver 2

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slides Count: 10 slides

Topic for presentation: Freeman & Lockyer v Buckhurst Park Properties (Mangal) Ltd - judgment

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