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Elements and Performance Criteria
Elements describe the essential outcomes. Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.
1. Provide leadership to learning strategy formation 1.1 Evaluate approaches to learning and workplace training against organisational strategic requirements
1.2 Analyse the contribution of organisational learning to competitiveness, and confirm with key stakeholders
1.3 Examine and review options for deploying quality policies and processes in organisational learning
1.4 Analyse and plan requirements for an organisational learning strategy to support organisational strategic and policy requirements
1.5 Analyse and plan technological and systems requirements for an organisational learning strategy
1.6 Analyse and align organisational learning strategy with human resources and learning requirements and plans
2. Design and develop organisational learning strategy 2.1 Design organisational learning strategy to achieve instructor, learner and organisational strategic requirements
2.2 Include relevant units of competency, modules from accredited courses or non-accredited training specifications in organisational learning strategy
2.3 Develop flexible organisational learning strategies to permit and promote responsiveness of the organisation to changed circumstances and priorities
2.4 Design and develop learning and assessment strategies to support organisational strategic requirements
2.5 Establish processes and procedures for allocating and managing resources and staff, required to implement organisational learning strategy
2.6 Structure compliant assessment and recognition policies and processes appropriate to organisational strategic requirements
2.7 Structure procurement and supply policies and processes appropriate to organisational strategic requirements
3. Implement organisational learning strategy 3.1 Implement organisational learning strategy appropriate to organisational requirements
3.2 Validate organisational assessment methods and assessment tools consistent with learning and wider operational needs
3.3 Source learning resources compliant with specific international, national, industry and workplace needs
3.4 Review policies and procedures for continuing relevance, operational effectiveness and to identify any gaps
3.5 Systematically evaluate strategic outcomes attained through organisational learning strategy and update policies and procedures accordingly
4. Review organisational learning and development
4.1 Develop procedures to systematically liaise with educators, learners and others to monitor how well learning strategies and learning resources achieve organisational learning targets
4.2 Monitor and incorporate national policy and system changes into organisational learning and development strategies and practices
4.3 Modify or design learning strategies and learning resources to support implementation of improved learning policies and procedures
5. Improve organisational learning strategy formation 5.1 Evaluate end-to-end implementation of organisational learning strategy
5.2 Review performance of resources and people supporting organisational learning strategy implementation
5.3 Construct and present plans for improving organisational learning strategy formation

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