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LAB Assignment
Experiment 1:
• Refer to the Lab experiments as found on vUWS. These questions following are to assist you in completing this Soil Lab assignment. Detailed explanations are required for all the questions below which are based on the results of your Soils Experiments – refer notes on Soil Prac 1.
Task / Questions:
From Part A:
1. Hand in your completed results (Table 1, Pg 4.) and plot the results on the Grading Curve as found on page 5 of the Soil Assignment 1.
Based upon your results answer the following questions
1. Is there a predominant soil fraction? (see Pg 3.)
2. How will the particle size affect the properties of the soil examined? If so, in what way?
3. Comment on the shape of the grading curve plotted.
4. Would this soil sample be able to be well compacted?
5. Could this soil be used as a backfill behind a retaining wall i.e. water can easily drain through this sample?
From Part B:
1. Hand in your completed results, firstly Table 3, on Pg 12., plot these results on the Casagrande’s Plasticity Chart (Figure 5, Pg 12.), then the Moisture Calculations (Table 4, Pg 13.), and Shrinkage Calculations (Table 5) and Graph of Soil Shrinkage (Figure 6) as found on Pg 13.
Based upon your results answer the following questions
1. What is the significance of the Plasticity Index? ((More explanation than just stating the difference between the LL & PL!!!))
2. Comment on the reactivity of the soil in relation to Figure 5, Casagrande’s Plasticity Chart. Is the soil likely to provide a stable foundation material?
3. In relation to the Shrinkage Limit Tests, what remedial action (building or civil works) could be introduced to minimise ground movement under a building?
Presentation: This review is not to exceed 1500 words and submitted to Turnitin, at least 3 days before the assignment is due. Include a bibliography (Harvard method), including all web pages referenced and date accessed. As a guide this assignment must be at least 800 words long.
Referencing: Standard Harvard Method
Issued: Week 3
Due: see learning guide for due date and submission details
Value: 10% of semesters work, but you must have participated in the laboratory experiment. Your signature on the attendance sheet is proof of attendance.
Late submissions: Penalty 10% of maximum available mark per University Day. Refer to the learning guide for more details.
This assignment is compulsory and submitted individually, but discussion with others in the course or elsewhere is encouraged. Plagiarism, cheating, and collusion rules apply and will be strictly enforced. (Refer to Unit Outline).