Recent Question/Assignment

Analyse how language and form is used in 'The Castle' to express community identity.
In preparing your informed personal response, consider the following:
• How responses to texts can be shaped through language and community perceptions
• An understanding of how texts represent individual and collective human experiences
• The ways in which meaning about individual and community identity as well as other cultural perspectives is
shaped in and through texts.
Presentation details:
• Your essay should be word processed, with pages numbered, lines double spaced and in size 12 Arial font
• Ensure that your name and your teacher's names are on the essay
No plastic sleeves or folders are required. Simply staple your task and attach the coversheet to the front.
In your Essay you will be assessed on how well you:
• Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of the module in your prescribed texts
• Analyse, explain and assess the ways language, identity and culture are represented in your prescribed texts
• Organise, develop and express ideas using language appropriate to audience, purpose and form
• Reflect on appropriateness of compositions to audience and context
This task equally_assesses the components of knowledge/understanding (50%) and skills (50%)