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Detailed Assignment Information
Assignment 2
Key information
Dates/submission Sunday by 11.59pm (midnight Sunday) in Week 7 on Turnitin link on MKT1MDP LMS page/ submit per Lecturer's instructions
Types Individual assignment:
1.Report writing: market analysis; identifying, analysing, describing and segmenting markets. 1500 words (+/- 10 %).
2. Oral presentation on video. 5 mins (+/- 10 %)
Graduate Writing Business Reports
Capabilities practiced Enquiry/Research Skills
Critical Thinking/Analysis Skills
Type of research Secondary data: so-called desk research, and observational research. A 5-6 minute video presentation and 1500 word (+/10 %) written report
Marks 30% of the total marks for this subject
Additional Please consult the assignment guide/Lecturer LMS for more assistance. See library.
support materials
Background (hypothetical scenario):
A large investor company wishes to examine the current market for (topic will be provided by your Lecturer), with a view to investing in this industry. You are asked to complete the following report.
La Trobe University 16
1. Use online resources such as websites, journal articles, newspaper articles and databases.
2. Present a brief report that will include the following information:
a. Perform a macro-environmental analysis of the industry.
b. Identify and describe the segments (and segmenting variables) used in this industry.
c. Make a recommendation as to the segment of the market you think the company should look to invest in, and provide justifications for your choice.
You are required to produce:
1. a short video of 5 mins (+/- 10 %)
2. a written report of 1500 words (+/- 10 %).
Keep to the required time and word lengths. There should be no information contained in your video that is not present in your written report. The two assessment items do not need to be identical.. E.g you might write in more detail in your report, than you present in your video.
Here is a suggested outline of the structure of the video and the written report. Note they are different.
Video 5-6 mins. Written Report 1500 words (+1- 10 %)
Introduction. State your name, Student Cover page.Title of the assignment, name, id, tutorial time and day, name of the tutor, word count not including executive summary, TOC or references and appendices.
number, class and Lecturer's details.
(approx. 30 secs..).
Executive summary ( short summary of Executive Summary: Summarize all sections of
what you have studied, and your the report in a succinct manner, and include recommendations (One paragraph max.)
(approx..30 secs.)
Macroenvironmental Analysis Main Table of Contents: put contents with page numbers
report body with SUBHEADINGS.
Macroenvironment Analysis
• Economic
• To be provided by the Lecturer.
• You must use the topic provided or you will be marked zero for this assignment.
• Remember this is not a filmmaking class, but rather a marketing class. We are marking your presentation skills in marketing, not your camerawork, acting performance or directorial skills! This video Ad. offers you an opportunity to present information in a different format showing your public speaking skills, and to use your imaginations.
• We suggest you use your mobile phone to record your presentation.
• One-button studio is also available- book early. It needs to be playable on the university's computer system. Mpg4 is the recommended format.
• (Yes, ppt., Word, and other software may also be used, so long as the file works in the university's classrooms.)
• Political and Legal
• Sociocultural
• Etc.
This Section is the largest part of
your video. (approx. 3 mins)
Segmentation and targeting.
Analyse how firms or the industry conducts segmentation. Segment profiles (characteristics of the segment) and
product offered to each
segment. (approx.. 1min.)
Introduction: Purpose or report, product chosen , marketing theories used, structure of the report etc.
Macroenvironmental analysis. Impact of key variables: identify and explain the impact of key variables in each of the environmental factors.
Recommendations and conclusions: (approx. 1 min.)
Market segmentation and targeting: Analyse how firms or the industry conducts segmentation. Segment profiles (characteristics of the segment) and product offered to each segment Based on your analysis, recommend one/more than one segment(s).
Referencing. Show your references on
screen. You don't read these out.
(30 secs.)
Recommendations and conclusions:
References: include at least 3 academic references. Follow LTU Harvard referencing style.
Appendices: put [relevant] additional tables/figures/graphs in the appendix. Don't forget to use both in-text citation and a reference list. LTU Harvard Referencing is required. See library website for details.
The responsibility of your video file working on the university system is on you. If your file cannot be read, it will be considered late, and penalties will apply. Please check the LTU Assessment (Late Submission of Tasks) Policy.
• Marks will be deducted for each day it is late, to a maximum of 5 working days.
• If we receive no working file by 5 working days after the due date, you will receive no marks (0/30marks.)
If you wish to apply for Special Consideration for this assignment, you will need to complete the official online process.
• Submitted using the Assignment 2, LMS submission links on MKT1MDP LMS page/ or as per Lecturer's instructions.
o Video saved as .mpg4 file with your name.(PPT files are also acceptable, if you have enabled the animation function.)
o It needs to be playable on the university's computer system. There will be no extensions for videos that are unreadable on the university's system. If it doesn't work the first time, then your work is late and will be penalised.
o Your written report must be in Word or pdf format, readable by Turnitin.
• You may use ppt and add -in video of you reading/discussing the topic.
• You must appear for at least 3 of the 5-6 minutes, on screen.
• Ensure that any writing that appears in your video is clearly readable.
• Each table/figure/chart/picture etc. has a name, number and sources included.
• A minimum of 3 academic sources are required. Your textbook counts as 1 academic resource.
• References must be included.
• Every student must participate, appear and speak in their own video assignment, as it will help prepare them for doing business in the real world. The only exceptions are students registered with E&D who have special conditions in their Learning Plan.
See the library website for assistance with writing assignments including the Harvard Referencing Tool:
N.B. The assignment will be discussed in your 2 hour seminar in detail in the weeks leading up to the submission week.
Use Marketing Theory (from your textbook or e-journals) to identify the relevant criteria to describe the market for these products. It is up to you to define your market as broadly or narrowly as you wish.
What are the key definitions?
The Marketing Theory you are addressing is the theory on environmental analysis, segmentation and
targeting. It is contained in the chapters of the text we cover in weeks 1-5
The process you will be following is:
• Fully describe the (the selected country) market for (the selected industry for this assignment). This information will be provided by your lecturer. You cannot choose the country nor the industry. What does it consist of? How large is it? What is the structure of the industry- is it dominated by one or several large firms? What is it worth? Is it growing or shrinking? Etc.
• What are the major issues/variables effecting this market? Etc. Which are positive and negative for the market?
• What are the ways in which the industry has segmented this market? Construct a table identifying the market segments, using descriptions of key segmenting variables for each. Identify some of the products that are marketed to these segments, using your own research.
• At the end of your report you will be required to make a recommendation as to which segment of the market, would you would suggest for the company to target. You must identify one of the segments that you have identified, and give reasons for your choice.
You may wish to use tables and graphs in your report. All of these must be correctly cited.
Age categories 'Average Australia'
0-4 years
5-14 years
15-24 years
25-54 years
55-64 years
65 years and over
Table 1. The Age Distribution for XXXX and the Average Australia
Source: Based on 2006 Census QuickStats: xxxxxx-
It is expected that you will use other data sources to complement your findings. You are required to use at least 3 academic sources. You will need to search for these in the library, or the internet.
Keeping within the time/word limit
You may refer to documents in your appendices. You can include data, tables etc. in the appendix, and then refer to then throughout your report. When the timing is tight, you can also present information and data in tables. This is a way of reducing your word count, and making your report more interesting for the viewer.

There are 2 files

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2027 words including References

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slides Count: 12 slides including Reference slide

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