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The Progress Report (Including written report and oral presentation) This should not be a separate piece of work. The structure of the final report should be evidenced by a table of contents. The submission should be the current state of the final report. Any work in progress should be included in the appropriate place within the report. Expected progress is as follows:
1. Introduction: The project proposal should be the basis for the Introduction
2. Review of existing relevant knowledge: This may not be final but should be substantially complete apart from literature that may come to light subsequently.
3. Table of contents for the entire report: Under each chapter at least its introduction should be included. This should be a statement as to what is to be achieved by the work reported in that chapter. Note that each chapter should also conclude with a statement as to what has actually been achieved in that chapter.
Note that the eventual report should be in the form of a professional report to management. One addition will be the explicit inclusion of a review of existing relevant knowledge. This submission is the report itself in its current state of development.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2828 words including References

Topic Selected: The proper existence and adequacy of Engineering Asset Management System in DEWA Transmission Division is a concern for assurance of achievement of the organizational strategy.

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