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RWP #3 – Taxes
Obtain to the most recent 10-K's for Proctor & Gamble Co and Coca Cola Co and complete the table below for the most recent fiscal year end:
P&G Coke
1 Total Income Taxes on Continuing Operations per IS
2 Accrued Income Taxes (Taxes Payable) per BS, if listed
3 Total DTA per BS, if listed
4 Total DTL per BS, if listed
5 Total Valuation Allowances
6 Statutory Tax Rate
7 Effective Tax Rate
Instructions for navigating the SEC website
1 - The SEC uses a database called EDGAR to store company data (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system). To use this database, go to, click on “Filings” then “Company Filing Search” (or just click on -COMPANY FILINGS- on the upper right corner of the website below the search box).
2 - Search by the company name (e.g. Apple Inc). If you search only by the first part of the name (e.g. -Apple-) you will get a number of different filings. You should double check that you have the correct company before you answer the questions.
3 - The filing date and the year ended are not the same! The filing date will be 1-3 months after the year end since the financials are filed after an external audit is performed.
4 - Since you are looking for the 10-K filing, type in -10-K- in the -Filing Type- box, and click -Search.- It will limit the number of results that you have to review.
Note – You can also access company filings directly from their website. Go to the Investor or Investor Relations page on the company’s website (usually linked at the bottom of the home page), then click on SEC filings and perform your search for the required filing.