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Topic : How does ethnic and cultural disparties affect student teacher relationships.
You will need to re-introduce your topic, and identify and describe in your own words and referring to key pieces of reading three sub-topics. You will also need to provide a justification of the sub-topics, explaining why they are important to you and your chosen topic.
Conduct a review of literature related to the following three areas:
Migrants’ experiences of adaptation and adjustment to the culture of Aotearoa New Zealand. This should include reading and reflection on migrants’ experiences of the wider and diverse culture of Aotearoa New Zealand, adapting to living up to the obligations to the Treaty of Waitangi, and migrants’ experiences of tikanga from the perspective of Te Ao Maori.
Recognition in Aotearoa New Zealand of the prior knowledge and experience of migrants who work in education/teaching, including policies and challenges around qualification assessment, retraining and requalifying. You might need to broaden your literature searching to include other professions. You might want to limit it to particular ethnicities – it depends how much literature is out there on this topic.
The challenges and strengths of bilingualism and multilingualism for teachers building caring relationships with their students.
For each of these areas you will need to search for relevant literature – I would expect to see at least 6 readings for each of these sub-topics.
For the assignment you need to include a critical analysis and discussion of the literature. To do this you will need to demonstrate higher order thinking such as analysis, application of ideas from your reading to your own situation, synthesis of ideas from different places, and evaluation of the quality of arguments made in your reading.
Include a conclusion that summarises the main points of argument.
It is 4500 words,APA referencing

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