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Assignment Information: Position Paper
The Position Paper (worth 30%) requires students to write a one-page summary that critically engages the relevant literature in order to tightly and logically specify their research question. Students should also attach a mindmap of up to one page showing how their research question is positioned relative to the issues in their field. Attach the mindmap to the back of the Position Paper. The Position Paper (1-page position summary plus mindmap) should be submitted via the appropriate TurnItIn link before 23.30 on the due date.
Your Position Paper should be submitted along with a cover sheet. The one-page text summary may be single-spaced, with at least 2.5 cm margins on all sides, with text being Times New Roman 11pt font. Further, those students currently doing or expecting to go on to do a research thesis will be expected to have their Supervisor (or intended Supervisor) countersign the submission sheet indicating that the Supervisor has read the Position Paper. The Supervisor does not have to indicate that they agree with the Position Paper, nor that they condone it, only that they have seen it.
An Example of a 1-page Research Proposal
Please find attached a quick example of a 1-page Research Proposal in a similar style to that you have to do. I have also attached an annotated version of the 1-page paper that shows some of the thinking behind it.
Just for your information I have also attached the eventual article, although note that much of the structure of the article is set by the journal's style, which you would not follow. For example, the research question/hypotheses are usually at the end of the literature review section whereas in that journal (International Nursing Review) the research question/hypotheses are in the beginning of the Method section with it's own -Purpose- heading.
Example Argument Maps
The two pdf files attached below are examples that come from pages 159 and 160 of:
Huff, A.S. (2009). Designing Research for Publication. Sage: Singapore.
The more detailed example of those two is probably the better one to aim to emulate, but students may want to start with getting their Argument Map to look like the simpler example first and then add more detail after that.
A quick example Argument Map that relates to the Consequences of Bullying for Nurses paper is also attached.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 565 words including References

Research question: Why ethical leadership is important and what makes a person ethical leader

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