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ACR 212 Assessment 2: 1000 words (25%)
Due 5pm April 19, 2019
This assessment has been carefully designed to critically examine the use of surveillance technologies in law enforcement and policing. Your task is to consider how the use of a specific technology of surveillance is justified as a means to control ‘crime’, and to critically assess what the associated implications are for privacy, civil liberties, and human rights (NOTE this is not a crime prevention unit so effectiveness is not the key issue but rather it is limited to achieving stated objectives or goals and broader implications).
Choose one ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ surveillance technology (you can choose the same technology as addressed in Assignment 1 if you wish but you will need new content – see TurnItIn if you need to check)
Some examples include:
• Drones
• Police Body-Worn Cameras
• Government Hacking and Encryption
• Big Data / Predictive Policing
• IMSI-catchers
• Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
• Biometric Technologies (eg, facial recognition)
• ID scanners
• Police and security access to communications held by the private sector (telecommunications, social media, etc)
1) Answer the following questions:
a. How is the technology (or technological practice) framed by the private sector and/or law enforcement as a solution to a particular problem of ‘crime’ or ‘security’? That is, what problem does it attempt to solve?

b. What are the impacts of the use of this technology for privacy, civil liberties, social justice, and/or human rights?
c. Are there other social, political, and/or legal challenges (eg, accountability)?

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1175 words including References


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