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15/04/2019 Template styles

Assessment 2:
Overview of Tasks
Task 2: PROJECT: Investigation of multi­modal learning in the classroom
Length: 2,000 words or equivalent
Due Date: Week 8 (before the 2 week placement block)
Please note: This task closely aligns with Element 1 and 2 of the AfGT
Details of the task
Description: Planning for teaching and learning – a multi­modal focused approach. Plan a sequence of lessons (2­6 lessons) and consider what approaches and tools you will utilise to enhance/extend the learning and justify this. Consider how you will cater to the learning needs of your students and provide achievable challenges for them.
You might include 2 x 2­hour lessons OR 4 x 40­minute lessons etc.... These could be to a whole class OR a small group. It depends on your classroom setting.
Design and implement a multi­modal learning­focused curriculum (a classroom investigation). Consider how you can utilise multi­modal approaches within your classroom setting to enhance or extend the learning... You will need to draw on theory to discuss your emerging ideas surrounding and teaching and learning. How have you demonstrated the ability to incorporate social justice principles and legislative requirements in relation to inclusion and diversity into planning and assessment?
How to submit: Complete the task using the template provided
­ Consider a learning need within your classroom setting (for example:
engagement, collaboration, heavy/difficult content, differentiation, creativity OR this may align to HITS or the Practice Principles ­ you want to ensure Multiple Exposures or enhance deeper learning opportunities etc).
­ Research a multi­modal based approach or ICT tool/s to address this need / to enhance / extend the classroom learning and ensure the individual needs of students are being addressed. ­ Discuss this with your mentor 1/2 15/04/2019 Template styles
Assessment Criteria and Submission
Criterion: Meets criteria to a very high standard Meets criteria Criteria has been addressed not fully
1. Background/ Context:
1a: Describe the students in your class and consider a specific learning or teaching need you wish to address. What ICT or multi­modal approach will you implement and why? How will it address the learning/teaching need?
1b: Use assessment data, observation or discussions with your mentor teacher to determine what the students are ready to learn
(5 marks)
1c: Describe how research (academic literature/theory) has informed your teaching practice/ multi­modal focused teaching approach/es (10 marks)
2. Planning for teaching and learning:
2a: Overarching goal and lesson learning goals align.
2b: lesson sequence is informed by relevant curriculum and builds cumulatively.
2c: Describes pedagogical approaches of the teaching area. Explain the main teaching strategies that are planned to inclusively engage and challenge
diverse learners.
2d: Describes complementary resources/ ICT tools that engage learners.
2e: Describes the strategies selected to support safe, ethical and /or responsible use of ICTS. (15 marks)
3. Assessment:
Describes varied assessment strategies and includes timely
opportunities for feedback (5 marks)

4. Academic writing/ quality and references: a minimum of 3 academic sources used. Clear and well written. Reference list provided. (5 marks) 2/2