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Faculty of Health, Arts and Design
COM60002 Communications Management
Assignment One
• Individual
• Essay – Academic Literature Review
• The weight for this assessment is 30% for the written assignment
• Length 2500 words
• Due April 28th.
In this assignment, you will need to conduct an academic literature review to identify the challenges and opportunities that Social Media tools provide to businesses from an economic, social or environmental point of view in one of the following areas as your focus.
1. Innovation and Knowledge Empowerment
2. Attract and Retain the Best Employees
3. Operational Efficiencies and Relationship Management
4. Engage Employees for Greater Productivity and Autonomy
You will be required to explore how social media tools can be used to stimulate your particular area of focus.
i. First of all, you will need to define the parameters of your area of focus.
ii. Review the academic theory that has been developed around your focus area.
iii. Explore how the characteristics of different social media tools can provide opportunities to support the theory you have reviewed in point (ii) and identify the challenges and constraints.
iv. Finally, how can the use of social media tools be managed so that they address economic, social or environmental considerations. You will also need to define what these economic, social or environmental considerations are first.
All areas of your assignment need to be referenced. Please refer to the Swinburne Harvard referencing guide .
Your essay will be then used to inform your group report (assignment 2).
Before starting this assignment, please select your area of focus from the 4 above and write your name against your focus area in Canvas. This will ensure that each focus area is covered and that each group is made up of 4 students, each with a different focus area.
• COM 60002 Marking Guide Assignment 1 [DOC, 45KB]
• COM60002 Assignment 1 S1 2018 [PDF, 29KB]
• Assignment Cover Sheet [DOCX, 69KB]

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2721 words including References

Selected Topic: Opportunities and Challenges of Social Media tools in the Business Context

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