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Marketing Management Group Assignment
Draft plan due in week 7
Marketing Plan Topic
Launching a new residential development in an inner-city suburb of Sydney
Part 1 Market Insights
Q1: What is the size of the overall market? Jad and Ugur
• Research on population growth forecast in Sydney region
• Research on population growth/movement in inner city suburbs and demographic
• Research on housing supply in inner city suburbs + Sydney region
Q2: What segments exist?
As discussed so far, we have agreed the below four segmentations, please add if you think there are segments.
• Professionals work in CBD
• Wealthy overseas students (their parents)
• Downsizers
• Investors
Q3: Are they growing or shrinking, and by how much?
Subject to Q1
Q4: Who are our competitors?
There are 65 off the plan and new apartments for sale in city of Sydney local government area (source from:
• Understand their planning/construction/sales status
• Product offering (e.g., apartment or terraces? 1,2,3 bedroom or four? service?)
• Price range of each type (e.g. 2 bedroom apartment at ABC project price range is $1.2 to $1.5million)
• Place (do they have any physical display suite? Sales office? Online sale?)
• Please use the excel template as a guide for gathering information. See separate excel template in the folder.
• Please use the above link, there are 65 competitors’ information we need to gather for our assignment. Kevin works on project 1-15, Jing: 16- 26, Kunal: 27- 42, Adrienne: 43-58, Jad: 59-62, Ugur: 63-65
Useful source to obtain information:
For consideration, second hand market?
Please complete above allocated task by Friday 12th April. Please let Jad or Jing know if you have difficulties of completing your tasks by the deadline.