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Assignment A01: IS Case Study Evaluation
You are to evaluate an organization’s IT strategy using the issues and criteria presented in lectures (weeks 2 to 4).
A case study scenario will form the basis of your evaluation. The scenario is available from the Assignments link on the LMS.
To evaluate the IT strategy of an organization addressing the following questions:
• Provide a critical assessment of the IT Strategy of the case organization drawing on the issues and criteria in the lectures from weeks 2 to 4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the IT Strategy?
• What recommendations would you make to the case organization on revising their IT Strategy?
You are required to produce a report that addresses each of the points in the Objectives above with regard to the case study scenario. You should keep the report to the scope of the case study scenario. If you wish to raise additional issues and criteria to those referenced in the lectures from weeks 2 to 4, please ensure that you correctly cite all sources of information used. You may include any relevant assumptions about the target organisation but must include those assumptions as explicit statements in your report.
Relationship of Assessment Criteria to Intended Learning Outcomes
Through this report students need to demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills to:
1. Engage in the process of ICT strategic planning and the critical review of ICT strategic plans;
4. Critically analyse the ICT plans of an organisation to determine the degree of maturity of ICT governance and strategic planning within that organisation;
Assessment Criteria
• Presentation of case study analysis: document structure, format, and references (20%)
• Critical evaluation of IT strategy of case study organization including justification for evaluation criteria used for the analysis [40%]
• Recommendations made to the organization (linked to the critical assessment of IT strategy in #2) [40%]
Assessment The assessment of Assignment A01 counts 40% towards the total mark for the subject (Expected average mark: 72%).
Late Penalty 10% of maximum marks per working day by which the submission of assignment exceeds the due submission date.
Rules for Assignment A01
Report medium: Your report should be prepared as a document in MS-Word or PDF format. In your report, please include hyperlinks to any web pages referenced in your report.
References: You must include a Reference list at the end of your report. Entries in the Reference list should be sorted alphabetically by author, then by year of publication for works by the same author(s). Every single idea you borrow from someone else should be cited in your Reference list, and where possible should include the page number from the source. Quotations, if used, should be in quotation marks (“…”) and should be EXACT.
You must use Harvard style referencing.
Expected time: Approximately 50 hours of work.
Due date: 9am, Tuesday 9th April
Submission: Your report should be submitted as a document in MS-Word or PDF format, and submitted electronically via the Learning Management System/Turnitin.
Please use your student ID as the name of the file you submit (eg 2232322223.pdf).

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