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Assessment -2 Details
Assessment 2: Essay
Due date: Week 8
Group/individual: Individual
Word count / Time provided: 2000
Weighting: 50%
Unit Learning Outcomes: UOL2, ULO3, ULO4, ULO5
Course Learning Outcomes: CLO-1, CLO-3, CLO-5
Graduate Attributes: GA-2, GA-12
Assessment Details:
The purpose of this assessment is to provide students with the opportunity to consider their course of study in an organised manner in order to have a planned approach to their subsequent chosen career. In particular, the purpose of this assessment is to allow students to see that they will have the right skills to meet the requirements of their chosen career.
The key issues to be considered in this ‘essay’ are:
(A) Identification of the subjects you should be completing for your chosen career, particularly: detailed description of the subjects you will need to study to achieve your chosen career, and the subjects you will be enrolled in (note: Is there any difference between subjects you will need to study (required subjects and subjects offered in your intended course of study?)
(B) Identification and discussion of the key skills you will need for your chosen career, including:
• interpersonal skills (including normally-expected verbal communication skills)
• oral skills (including group/public speaking)
• business writing skills
• team-working skills
• analysis and presentation of basic research information
• resume writing
• job-interview skills
To complete this ‘essay’ students will make use of the discussions on skills and professional development theory they will have been exposed to during the weekly class sessions.
Marking Criteria and Rubric: The assessment 2 - essay will be marked out of 100 and will be weighted 50% of the total unit mark.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2411 words including References

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