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Important points to be covered in this assignment (Suggested by the professor)
• Write about emotions?
• Differentiate positive and negative emotions?
• What are the advantages of positive and negative emotions?
• Consider Positive behavior as (Blue behavior)
• and Negative behavior as (Red behavior)
• Describe how to prevent one transferring from positive behavior to negative behavior
• What are the precautions to be taken to end such behavior transformations
• How to recognize one transferring from positive behavior to negative behavior
Assessment Task 1:
Individual Literature Review (Essay Format)
Grade: 20%
Date due: Week 5 -19 April 2019
Word Limit: 1500 words (excluding references)
Task description:
Provide a critical analysis and review of one current issue from the topics below:
• Diversity
• Job Satisfaction
• Emotions and Moods(choose this one)
Choose one of the topic areas listed above and then choose one aspect or issue within the topic. This is a minor assignment and the word limit is 1500 words so your analysis and review must necessarily be selective. That is why it is suggested that you focus on one aspect only of the broader topic area. For example, you might want to focus on the issue of Diversity Management within the broad topic area of ‘Diversity’. You are required to check with your seminar leader that the issue that you are going to focus on is an appropriate area for review.
Note: Given that this unit is an Australian-based unit, therefore while not compulsory, it is preferable that you choose an issue that is relevant to the Australian organisational environment. This does not mean that the literature chosen has to be restricted to Australian sources – you are encouraged to select literature from a global set of academic sources.
Once you have chosen a topic you are required to read from the academic literature and then critically review and analyse the scholarly contributions and draw conclusions on the topic area. As a guide, at least 10 academic references are recommended to encourage depth and breadth of analysis.
The academic ‘literature’ can include a range of sources:
• Academic journal articles
• Monographs (books)
• Academic articles on the Library’s Databases
• Conference proceedings
• Government reports and reports from other major bodies
Format: Your analysis is to be a scholarly literature review, which should take the form of an essay that surveys and critically reports on the academic literature in your chosen topic area. It must be presented in essay format and should be a critical synthesis of the literature, with conclusions drawn. You must read widely and draw your literature search from a broad range of sources from the list above. As indicated above, the reading list for this unit is a good starting point for your literature review. The reference section at the end of the appropriate chapter in your text similarly provides a good starting point.
Remember that the main focus is on the academic literature, that is scholarly books and articles as distinct from journalistic and industry accounts. You should incorporate at least 10 refereed academic journal articles.
Submission details: Due in Week 5 – 19 April 2019. 1500 words (there are penalties for exceeding the word limit). Submit your assignment online via Moodle Dropbox (word files only). Late submission without a valid reason will attract penalty @ 10% per day.
Feedback and return of work: Feedback and grades will be communicated via Moodle within approximately two weeks of report submission. For detailed marking criteria, please see appendix 1.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1735 words including References


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