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Promotional Plan
UPDATED Due: Friday 12 April, 2019
DUE: Presentations 11.59pm (all groups) and Written Report 11.59pm
AVAILABLE MARKS: 40% (30% Written report / 10% Presentation in class)
4000 word written report (inclusive of schedules and tables) (30%)
In groups or ‘consulting teams’ of up to 4, students will develop a promotional plan for 2019/20 for a team or sport organisation based in Australia. Your plan must be aligned with a specific aim or objective for that team or organisation (i.e. it is not advised to do a plan for the whole organisation - unless the organisation’s focus is a very narrow one).
Some suggestions for topics might be: driving awareness/sales from corporate organisations for a team, building attendance and membership in a target market (i.e. females or youth segments), promoting the launch of a program or promoting an event to a specific target market. More examples of scope can be discussed in class or online.
While background and situation analysis is an important component, the focus of assignment 1 is on developing objectives, choosing the best elements to execute these and the description of creative elements and detailed planning schedules. You must choose three (3) promotional components, and present them as part of an integrated plan. Some components you might consider include: TV, radio or print advertising, news/press releases, sales promotions, events or sponsorship leverage, social media campaigns or a digital campaign.
The document should cover: (see rubric from week 2 for aligning marks and comments)
Section 1 should contain an introduction including the specific aim of your plan. A concise situation analysis for the subject team/organisation (market and product/service analysis) including a critical review of any past promotion or communications is recommended. This section should conclude with an overall marketing related aim as well as a set of specific promotional objectives linked to organisational success (10 marks)
Section 2 should develop an analysis of the promotional or IMC avenues available and justification of the three (3) chosen elements. A detailed description of how the tools will be used or executed, including their messages should be included* (10 marks)
Section 3 should cover and present the actions required by the organisation and note how components are both integrated and measured (i.e. needs to include budget and timeline). This section should be sufficient in operational detail for your organisation to be able to take your plan 'to market' (10 marks)
Note that finished creative pieces (i.e. actual advertising examples) can be included but are not necessary. This assessment is more around planning and strategic integration of the components. To give an example, you must provide enough detail on the message and creative elements to brief an advertising or creative agency (enough that they are ready to move to development phase*) but the production of the finished product is not assessed. *e.g.; detailed copy platform and text/storyboard of ideas for radio/TV/print ads or the text copy for any direct marketing, social media or press or media releases.
10 minute presentation - Submitted to be viewed online (10%)
The presentation aspect is likely to be a little different from past presentations you may have undertake, so consider this carefully. Rather than just focus on your plan, the presentation should be set up in two sections.
Part 1 (no more than 5 minutes) should contain an overview of your background and plan, including your objectives, three chosen integrated elements and an overview of what the plan will result in should it be implemented.
Part 2 should focus on the IMC process undertaken and specificially the approach of your team. Here, you should describe the steps and research you undertook in your planning, and also describe the way your group worked to achieve this task. As guidance, we are looking for you to demonstrate some critical reflections on a) the IMC process taken and b) the effectiveness of your team on this task.
Just as an update: All groups will be submitting a narrated PowerPoint or video presentation via the Cloud Deakin page by 11.59pm on Friday April 12.
All students need to form a group by the end of week 3 at the latest and can sign up to groups online when ready. You are encouraged to used the online student discussion boards to find group members.
This assignment is to be treated as an independent review and planning exercise, and it is suggested you do not need to contact the organisation in order to access information required. You may use public sources or existing contacts.
Reference lists should be presented in APA style and include a combination of journal articles, books, and other sources.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1775 words including References

Available Section C only

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