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2.5 Assessment Details
2.5.1 Literature Review
Weight: 30%
Type of Collaboration: Individual
Due: Sunday 14th April (11.59 pm AEST on Turnitin)
Submission: Submit through Turnitin before 11.59pm on the due date. A coversheet is NOT required when students submit assessments through Turnitin.
Format: Essay format. Exceeding the word count (1500 words ±10%) will result in a 10% deduction of the total mark. Please ensure your name is clearly marked on your work.
Unlike occupational safety hazards, workplace health hazards and the ill-health that they potentially engender do not receive the attention they require. Therefore, a focus on occupational health management is needed. This assignment and the unit provide an opportunity to address this shortcoming in organisational practice.
Length: 1,500 words
Curriculum Mode: Literature Review
Topic: Emerging Occupational Health Issues in (a chosen industry)
In the contemporary workplace there are a range of emerging issues in the management of occupational health. Based on relevant sources of occupational health information, data, statistics and/or workplace incidence records you are required to select one emerging occupational health issue and undertake a critical literature review, focusing on a single organisation or industry of your choice.
Introduction: outline the aims and objectives of your review and explain why the selected emerging issue is significant in occupational health terms in the chosen workplace/ industry.
Review of the relevant literature for the chosen emerging occupational health issue. The review must compare, examine and critically discuss the chosen workplace/ industry, concepts and/or results that are presented in the literature. You need to consider such issues as:
– How the health hazard/risk manifests itself at the selected industry/workplace and how it may cause harm.
– Legislative requirements relating to the health hazard/ risk (for Australia you need to consider the Work Health and Safety legislation, 2011), relevant codes and guidelines and referring to relevant Australian/ International Standards.
– Standard industry practice relating to the elimination or minimisation of the health hazard and its effectiveness.
Conclusion. A conclusion that summarises the main content of the discussion informed by the beginning of the process in the introduction where you outlined the content and discussion.
Format. Presented in academic essay style, following the APA 6th guidelines of in-text citations and reference list.
Feedback will be given in Grademark and also in class. Students are encouraged to read through and consider their feedback when preparing future assignments.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1803 words including References

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