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BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organisation Development
Assessment task 1: Assignment & Case study
Question 1
The Organisation Development Network has published a list of organisation development practitioner competencies. These refer to the knowledge and skills required of an organisation development leader. This comprehensive list is available at:
Review the list on this website and consider your current knowledge and skills. Bear in mind, however, this list is designed to guide a full-time Organisation development specialist and that you need to consider these competencies in line with your Organisation’s needs and your role.
If you are not currently working, you can choose CIBT to complete the task.
a) Write one strategic goal that directly affects your Organisation’s development needs.
b) What is the difference between the Organisation strategic plan and the Organisation development plan?
c) Explain in one paragraph why do Organisations conduct a SWOT analysis? What does a SWOT analysis entail?
Question 2
View the following video to see how Apple worked to develop a culture based on trust and collaboration. Visit:
According to Steve Jobs, what is the role of facilitative leadership and teamwork in achieving a culture that is built on trust and can lead innovation in technology? (250 – 300 words)
Question 3
Case Study: Determine key roles
The First IT Consulting Company specialises in providing a range of IT solutions for its clients.
The company has approximately 100 employees and is well respected in the industry.
Unfortunately, sales have been declining since 2011 and many good people at a variety of levels have lest the organisation, resulting in a lack of strong leadership and a culture of disappointment among employees in general.
In late 2014 a new CEO was appointed. He decided to make big changes to the now struggling company. One of his first actions was to appoint an organisation development (OD) manager from within and task him with reinvigorating the organisation’s values, unity and culture in general. He also appoints new senior managers and team leaders from within. The new senior managers have teams of varying sizes and are given responsibility for sales, account managements and client projects.
The OD manager tasks the senior managers with renewing engagement within their teams and improving performance. The CEO tasks the CFO with more transparent communication to all staff on the financial results of the organisation. The CEO personally takes on coaching of underperforming members of the senior management team. The CEO also talks openly at staff briefings and meetings to all staff about the importance of everyone taking responsibility for customer satisfaction and, ultimately, sales and growth.
Prepare a responsibility matrix using the template for key roles at the First IT Company to implement the cultural change. Keeping the ARCI initialism in mind, use the letters A (approving), R (reviewing), C (creating) and I (Input) to identify how you think responsibilities should be allocated.
Core activities- First IT Company cultural change program
Role Engagement Team performance Communication Senior manager development Staff briefings
Senior manages
OD manager
a) What are the advantages and disadvantages in conducting 360 degree surveys?
b) If you were CEO of the Organisation in the case study, what other actions would you take? What other business data would you want to use?
Question 4
Imagine your organisation (or you can choose CIBT) is undergoing changes. Create a communication plan to get feedback and ideas on the draft development plan strategies. You may use this table to complete the plan.
Stakeholder (group) How will we communicate
information to them? How will we get their feedback? How will we respond to feedback? How will we record and monitor issues?
Question 5
You are the OD manager in an Organisation that has recently conducted an employee survey for the first time as part of the OD plan. You and your team have collated and analysed the results.
List two strategies you could use to feed back the survey results to staff. What are the pros and cons of each one? Complete this table with your answers.
Strategy Pros Cons
Question 6
Read the scenario and complete the task that follows.
You work for a medium-sized organisation that is looking to increase sales significantly. This has been identified in the organisation’s strategic plan for the next two or three years. As part of the corresponding OD plan, you have identified a need to improve systems for capturing and sharing information across the Organisation related to past client projects. There is no system currently in place and people often complain to you that trying to find information on past projects is frustrating and time consuming. Use the 8- Disciplines process to consider how you would address the issue and what the results of using this process might be. In your answer, imagine what the outcomes could be if you were to use this process with the same situation in your own Organisation. Use this table to present your response.
Step Action Expected results
1. Create a team
2. Determine the problem
3. Implement a temporary solution
4. Eliminate the root cause
5. Verify the solution
6. Implement a permanent
7. Prevent the problem from recurring
8. Celebrate success
Question 7
Identify a conflict situation in your organisation or an organisation familiar to you.
a) What methods would you recommend to resolve this conflict?
b) Explain in a paragraph what would you do to assist both parties to acknowledge and respect each other’s differences?
c) How could you help them reach agreement?
Question 8
You are the OD manager in an organisation that has been implementing a range of activities for the first phase of the development program. These have been implemented according to the OD plan and in alignment with the organisational strategic plan. Before you begin implementing the Phase 2 OD activities, you would like department managers to assist you with assessing the level of engagement with the OD activities across the Organisation. Each department manager has a number of supervisors reporting to them. You want the feedback to provide both qualitative and quantitative data on what’s working well and to explore any areas that have been missed or need corrective action.
a) Describe in one paragraph what actions would you take to enlist the support of department managers?
b) What actions would you require department managers to take?
c) What methods could you use to survey staff?
Question 9
a) Explain three reasons that control is important.
b) Explain in one paragraph the relationship between the planning of activities and the control of activities.
c) Describe the three steps to maintain, evaluate and modify activities.
d) Explain in a paragraph how an effective control system can lead to achieving the Organisation’s objectives.

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