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BSBINM601 Manage knowledge and information
Assessment Task 1 –Assignment Question 1
a) Explain in a paragraph why is effective information management, especially the ability to identify business problems through data collection, so important in a business environment?
b) Describe in a paragraph what is the role of a leader that manages knowledge and information?
c) Under what circumstances can corporate knowledge be lost?
d) List five consequences of failing to maintain corporate knowledge.
e) Provide one test you might use for the:
i. Reliability of information sourced
ii. Validity of the information
Question 2
a) Explain one statistical analysis method, including its benefit and applications.
b) Explain in a paragraph how can sensitivity analysis aid decision-making in an organisation?
c) Explain the consequences of failing to comprehensively analyse cause and effect relationship.
Question 3
Read the case study answer the questions that follows.
Mariana is the area manager of a large retail clothing chain. In a recent meeting with her store managers, she hears anecdotal evidence that returns seems to have increased dramatically this quarter. She decides to take a closer look at what’s going on so that she can address the situation.
During her research, Mariana discovers that there have been several complaints from customers about the feedback tool on the organisation’s website. It seems there isn’t enough space in the comments section for customers to leave a detailed enough description of their problem and they are forced to wait for extended periods on a telephone hotline, which further angers them.
a) What should Mariana’s objective be?
b) Explain in a paragraph how could Mariana undertake research and analysis to achieve that objective? Describe the process she could undertake.
c) How could Mariana organise the data and present the findings from her research?
d) What adjustment could Mariana make to improve this situation?
Question 4
a) Explain in a paragraph why the decisions you make should reflect your organisation’s values, objectives and procedures.
b) What part does the role of risk management play in decision-making?
c) What are some possible consequences of not conducting a risk analysis?
d) Describe in one paragraph how you would ensure that decisions taken are within the delegated accountability.
e) List three quantitative methods you might use to assist decision-making.
f) List three strategies you might implement to ensure that organisational procedures and regulatory requirements are met when a decision is made.
Question 5
Read the case study and then answer the questions that follow.
Case study
Ella works for a company with 45 staff. She is asked to prepare procedures for a new performance management system that is being introduced to improve work performance. The new system includes an online personal performance checklist, a face-to-face meeting with the employee’s manager, and a professional development plan to be completed online.
Ella finalizes the procedures and has now been tasked by her manager to develop a communication strategy to implement the system. Her audience is to be the Board and the CEO, the executive management team, managers, all staff. Ella decides to present the information to the various audiences in different ways and at different times to suit their needs and backgrounds. Ella needs to ensure the whole staff is present, the information is presented in a positive way to ensure everyone understands what the new performance management system is about. She realizes that the staff is made up of people from different backgrounds and with different abilities and responsibilities. Ella prepares by formulating and checking the information and planning the best way to disseminate it.
a) Complete the following table as part of Ella’s communication plan
Item Comments
Information checked for accuracy, sufficiency, currency and relevance
Dissemination methods
Time line
Policies/procedures to be met
Security/confidentiality status
Supporting documentation
b) Prepare a checklist to record the information Ella disseminates to the staff during her communication plan and how this information in your organisation.

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