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Assignment 1
Theory Analysis / Conceptual Framework (50%)
Maximum 3500 words - Due 29th march, 2019 @ 11.59pm

Athlete Management is an area of study that spans a diverse range of sport management disciplines and should NOT be confined to agent representation.
Working individually, develop a conceptual framework (typology) of professional Athlete Management, using relevant research and practical examples as support for the framework. Each component of the conceptual framework should be justified with sufficient detail to support its inclusion in the framework. The practical examples should support each component of the framework and illustrate its relevance to the final design.
Ensure all main stakeholders are considered. Discuss roles and responsibilities of athlete mangers. How do all of the stakeholders organise themselves to make the industry effective and efficient- who communicates to who, who is responsible for what etc.

Assessment Criteria
Weighting – Marks out of 50
Research and cases studied and presented (DLO5)
Development of a comprehensive and well thought through rationale for the design of the conceptual framework (DLO1/DLO5)
Use and integration of practical examples to justify development of the conceptual framework (DLO2)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3968 words including References

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