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Case study:
Case Study Mrs Brown, a 62 year old retiree lives with her husband, who works part time, she now finds difficult to leave the house - or even move around - due to her acute breathlessness. She feels trapped. Mrs Brown sees her GP whenever her condition deteriorates, and has attended her local hospital since diagnosis. She has been admitted to hospital three times in the past year with exacerbations of her COPD. Her family take care of her physical and domestic needs but she feels as her health deteriorates she will be too much of a burden on her family. Mrs Brown hasn’t planned for her future care; she was waiting for her GP to tell her what to do. The GP has mentioned moving towards a palliative approach but she is a little confused what this actually means. Mrs Brown has been previously diagnosed with depression by her GP. At the time, she was poorly nourished and was experiencing panic attacks. Mrs Brown has called an ambulance due to feeling short of breath and coughing for several days. Her symptoms began 3 days ago with rhinorrhoea. She reports a chronic morning cough productive of white sputum, which has increased over the past 2 days. Criteria
Using a palliative approach discuss two high priority nursing strategies to manage Mrs Brown and provide evidence to justify these strategies. Of the two strategies you choose to discuss in your essay, only one of these may be for a physical symptom.
Note : The essay should have ONE introduction(100 words), two body paragraphs, One conclusion (100 words).
Introduction: Should be concise , must have an opening sentence that introduces topic, Background information related to the topic, Thesis statement and outline of main ideas covered in the body.
Body paragraph: Must focus on two high priority Nursing strategies and evidence to justify these strategies.
1. one issue is Acute breathlessness
support these ones with nursing strategies and evidence to justify i have sent one example pic in the second email please kindly have a look.

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Word Count: 1056 words including References

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