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Research Method - Assessment Task 2: Literature Review
? Critical literature review, problematisation & envisioned contribution (1500 word)
The purpose of this task is to critically review the body of knowledge on your topic of interest, problematize the current body of knowledge, and articulate your envisioned contribution to help solve this problem.
The assessment task consists of two parts:
? The first part consists of critically reviewing the body of knowledge that already exists on the topic you have identified in Assessment task 1. The purpose of the literature review is not to merely to summarize extant knowledge, but rather to critically analyse and meaningfully organise the scholarly literature on the topic. This literature should primarily consist of 10-15 scholarly articles, the majority of these articles should be post-2010, and should be published in high-quality, peer-reviewed journals. These may be complemented with other trustworthy, non-academic evidence, such as research reports or policy documents. In the literature review, you need to include a discussion about the accepted facts in the area, the main constructs and variables that are important and the relationships between them;
? Second part: based on your critical literature review, you will then need to problematize our current body of knowledge. What is incomplete, incorrect, and inconsistent about our knowledge on the topic? What implicit assumptions are made in the research on this topic? What gaps are there in the literature and why are they problematic? You will then need to subsequently formulate (one or a few) tentative research questions that you may want to focus for the next assessment task – the research proposal – and make a compelling case for how and why answers to these questions would contribute to solving (some of) these problems in the literature. To achieve this, you will need to use the prescribed literature from week 4.
Throughout your literature review and envisioned contribution, you need to demonstrate that you can think critically and reflectively; show an understanding of the relevant literature in the topic area, taking local and international perspectives into account, locate, organize, analyse, synthesize and evaluate information; and demonstrate effective communication in written English language.
Research topic:
The Importance of Employee Motivation for Organization
Answer format would be like:
1. Introduction Paragraph:
2. Research Question:
3. Literature review:
In literature review we need to find more details like:
For First part/paragraph
Analyzing and then synthesizing the information:
? Determine what has already been written on a topic
? Provide an overview of key concepts
? Identify major relationships or patterns
? Identify strengths and weaknesses
? Identify any gaps in the research
? Identify any conflicting evidence
? Provide a solid background to a research paper’s investigation
( don’t answer only question better summarize everything into one paragraph )
For Second part/paragraph
? What are the key terms and concepts?
? How relevant is this article to my specific topic?
? What are the major relationships, trends and patterns?
? How has the author structured the arguments?
? How authoritative and credible is this source?
? What are the differences and similarities between the sources? ? Are there any gaps in the literature that require further study?
(Don’t answer only question better summarize everything into one paragraph)
4. Conclusion should give a summary of:
? The main agreements and disagreements in the literature ? Any gaps or areas for further research ? Your overall perspective on the topic.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1906 words including References

Topic Selected: The Importance of Employee Motivation for Organization

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