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What are the legal requirements for PRACTICE PARAMETERS of an enrolled nurse in relation to administration and documentation of medications? 2. Explain briefly the importance of a legal and regulatory framework for health (drug and poisons) regulation? What is meant by scheduling of drug and poison medications? Mention at least one example of a drug for each of the following schedules as determined by law. a) Schedule 2 b) Schedule 3 c) Schedule 4 d) Schedule 8 4. Explain how each of the following medication is meant to be handled, administered and stored: a) Capsules b) Drops c) Inhalants d) Liquid medication e) Lotions and creams f) Ointments g) Patches h) Powders i) Tablets 1 j) Wafers 1 k) Suppositories Scanned with CamScanner Explain briefl gs: p arnnodynarnics, pharm y following ter acokinetics ms in relation to , pharmaco-therapeutics? 6. What is Polypharmacy and how it affects pe*ple .specially elderly? and excretion including first Pass ~fFe -- 8. What is half-life of a drug and how does it relate to medication dosage calculation and administration? 9. How do drugsget transported? W. i What Bioavailability of drug meanadministration. s. Explain, how does it relate to route of 1 1. What are the central role receptors ANTAGONIST? in drug action and the meaning of AGONIST and 12. Define following terms in one or two sentences: • Drug toxicology • Anaphylactic reaction • Adverse reaction • Contraindications • Precautions • Side effects 13. Explain following 8 rights of medication administration. Right medication (drug, medication, medicines) Right dose I Right route Right time Right person Right expiration date Right to refuse Right prescription (documentation) Oral • Sublinguat. Buccal • Dry Powder inhalers • Metered dose inhalers • Nebulisers • Oxygen therapy • Subcutaneous injections • Intramuscular injections • Z — track injections • Enteral administration - tubes percutaneous • Intranasal, including nebulised medications • Ocular • Rectal • Sub-cutaneous injection using pre-loaded syringes or pens • Topical, including transdermal • Vaginal Ventrolateral injection technique gastrostomy (peg) as well as nasogastric route for medication administration.ire one exarnpk-f7-,..Tuchi:— 15. There are three way medications are named: • Chemical name • Trade name • Generic name Explain the difference and give an example of Paracetamol. 16. Ina few sentences, explain the rationale for administering a medication from each of the following classifications, giving: an example of a drug for each, why and how you would administer the drug, any major side effects, the routes of administration and nursing interventions. One example has been provided. ANTI-ANGINAL: Anginine (trade name)/ GTN spray (generic name): This medication is given sublingually to relieve Angina chest pain due to constriction or narrowing of coronary arteries. It is fast acting vasodilator, which allows for increase of blood supply to the Myocardium. Major side effects: Due to fast vasodilation BP can drop suddenly, dizziness and headache. Scanned with CamScanner (1E14c% SOUTHERN CROSS ED UCATION1NSTITUTE i i Nursing implication: Instruct. the patien.- tc-; remit: in 13;d to prevent fainting and- ! exertion to preserve oxygen, 02 administration at 2L via nasal specks, monitor BP half hourly, make sure that patient have call bvil wfthin reach to call for assistance to go to the toilet, report to a RN and notify MO, complete documentation in timely Imanner. Ii 1 BETA- BLOCKERS 1 CALCIUM CHANNEL BLOCKERS ANTI-HYPERTENSIVE I ANTI-CLOTHING ANTI-CHOLESTOR DIURETICS SEDATIVES iANTIDEPRESSANTS ANTIPSYCHOTICS ANTIBIOTICS jVITAANTI-EMETICS ORAL HYPOGLACEMICS ANTI-REFLUX MINS/MINERALS APERIENCES INHALED MEDICATIONS ANALGESICS RESPIRATORY MEDICATIONS ANTI-INFLAMATORY ANESTETI CS 1 ANTI-VIRAL I ANTI-EPILEPTIC OPHTALMIC ANTI- PARKINSONS i I CONTRACEPTIVE MEDICATIONS Scanned with CamScanner .4..1%1•4 Leti0,123 EDUCATION INSTITUTE ASSESSMENT TASK 2 -SCENARIO follow provirird and complete the questions that • • Responses to the questions can be typed or submitted handwritten • Written response must be legible and in pen NOT pencil It is important to proof read your answer paper, to avoid grammar and spelling mistakes • Please use only APA format of referencing. Do not copy and paste text from any of the online sources. SCEI has a strict plagiarism policy and students who are found guilty of plagiarism, wi:I be penalized • Write your name, student ID, the assessment task and the name of the unit of competency on each piece of paper you attach to this assessment document • You are required to submit this assessment to your trainer/assessor by the due date • Word Limit is less than 100 words for each question The trainer/assessor will inform you of due date. Due Date SCENARIO I Maryann, is one your patient on surgical ward she had a partial hysterectomy day 2. During your assessment she is complaining of abdominal pain 6/10 and feeling of nausea. When you check her PRN medication chart her orders are: Paracetamol orally, 1g 4/24, last given 2 hours ago. Oxycodone orally, 5-10 mg 2-4 hourly, last given 5 mg 6 hours ago. Metoclopramide orally/1V 10 mg 4/24, last given 8 hours ago. With her pain 6/10 and medications last given, what would you recommend to give to Maryann? Why? In consultation with your RN you have decided to administer Oxycodone. What is procedure for administering this type of drug? How do you know that the medications were HLTS4115 Diploma of Nursing HLTENN007 —Version 3.1 Oct 2017 Scanned with CamScanner soul rittiN cRoss EDUCATION INSTITUTE effective? What other complimentary therapies can you recommend to he,: .-C,eve her pain? State the class of each drug prescribed on PRN chart and where w01 they be sto......d! Asyou you are taking the Oxycodone out of DDA medication cupe tabboar led.t tsh he count of the drug does not match the amount of mediation in stock. You are onort. What are going to do? SCENARIO 2 Today you are working on a medical ward. During the medication round you prepare medications for Mr Ling 65 years old gentlemen who came to hospital with Hiscellulitis left leg. medications are: Aspirin 100mg orally mane Levo Dopa 25 mg TDS Metoprolol 50mg BD Padadol Osteo 1330 mg BD Calciferum 2000 IU(International Units) Amoxicillin 500mg TDS Mr Ling informs you that he is not feeling well this morning and he does not feel like taking his medications. You notice that he refused to take medications last night as well. What are the implications for your patient if he does not take his medications? What are you going to do? You also notice that Mr Ling is allergic to Penicillin. Are there any contraindications you need to discuss with your RN? SCENARIO 3 Another patient you are looking after is Mr Larson, a 58 years old man. He was recently diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. His past history includes hypercholesteremia, Hypertension, BMI 35, smoker 20 cigarettes per day, social drinker he especially likes sweet wine and beer. Enjoys playing cricket on the weekend. His BGL levels are very high last reading 25mmoll. The doctor started him on oral hypoglycaemic Metformin 1000 mg BD orally. While he is stabilising he is on Insulin sliding scale as follow: HIS54115 Diploma of Nursing Scanned with CamScanner , SOUTHERN CROSS EDUCATION 1NSTM17E -tc Administer Actrapid according to 13GL. reattings• BGL 4 — 7 mmoll 0 units 7.1 — 10 mmoll 4 units 10.1 — 14 mmoll 8 units more than 14.1 15 units Devise an education plan for Mr Larson, explaining all medications for type 2 DM, explain why he has Insulin and if he needs to have it when he is discharged. Will you include his family in the education process and why? Include outline of diabetic diet for Mr Larson. What risks can you identify which will hinder Mr Larsons effective management of this condition. Create a referral to other members of the multidisciplinar team. y While in hospital Mr Larson developed conjunctivitis in his left ee transmitted form his daughter who visited him yesterday. y , which you suspect was, What medications (list 2) will be given for conjunctivitis, how you goin to ad store those? What are the precautions? g minister and When you checked his BGL at 1130 the reading was 15 mmoll. Are you goin to admin any Insulin and if yes how many units are you going to give? g ister

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