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Hey I have Enviromental epidemiology unit assignment. i have attached details below about assignment please go through it and let me know about can you do it with good prize quote. i have already given assignment template please follow this template strictly. so you need to write case study about this only with more than 10 good refrences and you can also see marking criteria for structure and refrences style.
its 1500 words. its 40%. so it should be done with quality. Thanks in advance
Being able to answer a question based on evidence is the foundation of epidemiological research. This assignment
provides practical experience in writing a relevant and focused research question and in undertaking a systematic review of the available evidence in order to synthesis available evidence, identify gaps in existing evidence, and propose
a suitable approach to the research that would provide the missing evidence needed to answer the research question.
Write a research question and undertake a systematic review to answer that question; state how you would locate
the evidence relating to an environmental health problem; summarise the study methodologies and results; outline
any biological plausibility for the results; and identifying gaps in current evidence and propose a pathway for further
You are an Epidemiologist in your country’s health ministry and have been asked to speak at a
conference for Environmental Health Practitioners in your local community. The theme of this year’s
conference is “Air pollution in a changing world”, and you have been tasked to highlight the “health
effects of air pollution” to the conference participants. In a maximum of 1500 words, please address
the following:
1. Write a research question using the task that you were given by the conference organisers (Be
specific with your question).
2. Conduct a systematic review of the literature based on your research question, and the task
provided using the following subheadings:
i. Describe the search strategy – use at least three citation databases
ii. Summarize the results of the studies found
iii. Is there any plausible biological mechanism in the research question?
iv. Identify and comment on gaps in the evidence and propose a pathway for further
Important information
? This assignment has a word limit of 1500 words
? Be as concise as possible in your responses, and use the number of marks allocated (given as
a percentage) to each question as a guide for how much to write (Marking criteria below).
? APA style. The reference list is not included in the word limit.
Helpful Suggestion:
? Use the PICO elements in framing your research question, where applicable.
? Search strategy in a literature review must not be limited to a simple listing of study results.
However, the student is expected to summarise the methods of the studies (including study
design, exposure assessment, outcome definition and study population, etc.). Highlighting the
inclusion and exclusion criteria for the review, as well as strengths and limitations of those
methodological approaches (including issues of bias and confounding) are also important.
? For the Results, it is helpful to create a table with columns for the author(s) and year, research
setting, study design, study population, exposure, outcome, bias/confounding and results as the
table will aid you in summarising your results appropriately.
? Using the searched evidence and/or previous theoretical knowledge, comment on whether there
is some biological plausibility in the research question.
? Conclude with a comment of whether there are gaps in the searched literature, and suggest a
pathway for future research directions.
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