Recent Question/Assignment

YEAR: 2019
COURSE(S): Bachelor of Business HEBSBBS
Associate Degree of Business HEBSBSSAD
Bachelor of Hospitality Management HETHTHM
Associate Degree of Hospitality HETHTHMAD
SUBJECT: BBS102 / BHM102 / BAC102 Foundations of Information Technology
CONTRIBUTION TO OVERALL ASSESSMENT: Provide a short explanation of the assessment: Research-based report which identifies the significance of ICT in a business environment.
This assignment is worth 30% of the overall assessment.
DUE DATE: This assignment is due in on SUNDAY WEEK 8 (Midnight) via Moodle upload.
REQUIREMENTS: This is an individual report. The written report must be a typed self-contained report and professionally presented.
The written component of this assessment must be a maximum of 1800 words.
This report must comply with Melbourne Polytechnic policies and academic conventions for report writing, plagiarism and referencing. Your teacher will discuss these policies with you and further information is available on the Melbourne Polytechnic Student Intranet.
ASSESSOR(S): Mr Peter Matheis
Individual Report:
The aim of this research-based report is to identify the significance of ICT in a business environment relevant to the industry under study.
You are instructed to select an Industry of your choice and research into the importance and application of ICT within the business environment.
Students must select ONE of the following ICT innovations of interest: Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, Online Shopping, VoiP Communication or Social Networking.
Report content needs to consist of:
1. Provide an Introduction on the background of the selected ICT innovation;
2. Complete a research review on the ICT innovation, discussing the evolution and application;
3. Discuss key benefits and issues resulting from the application of the ICT innovation within business;
4. Conduct a case study analysis on a selected industry and company with regards to the ICT innovation application;
5. Provide a variety of recommendations with supporting evidence and suggestions.
? All reports must be typed in Times New Roman or Calibri size 12 font;
? A minimum of one and a half spacing must also be used;
? Must use comprehensive in-text referencing (minimum 5 references);
? A table of contents is required;
? Assignment is to be presented in report style, with a title, subheadings, and page numbers;
? An executive summary is necessary and you must have an introduction and conclusion;
? Any detection of plagiarism will lead to an immediate fail grade in the task, and possible exclusion from the subject. Each report will be assessed individually on the percentage of similarity as it is not possible to stipulate an ‘acceptable’ percentage, it depends on the nature of similarity detected;
? Reports are to be submitted online via Turnitin Moodle;
? The word limit for this report is 1800 words (+/- 10%) excluding references;
? References to ‘Wikipedia’ or to similar unsubstantiated sources will NOT be accepted.
(Total 30%)
A marking rubric is available on your Moodle site and is also made available on attachment.