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Assessment Details:
This assessment is designed to assess your technical skills in designing a computer network diagrams including geographic and logical diagrams. In addition, it develops your skills in planning and finding IT infrastructures solution that suit enterprise requirements.
In this assessment, you are required to select an organization with the following specification:
1. The organization must use information technology to implement its business operations.
2. It must have a website to improve the organization marketing and customer satisfaction through better services. The organization domain name is: www.
3. Email services for each staff member.
4. More than one campus at different locations.
5. Wireless network services within the organization campuses.
6. Backup and file share servers for regularly backup staff important documents and share files between staff, respectively.
Assume the head officer of the IT department wants to analyse current network design and propose the hosting of some network services using virtualization and Cloud.
Analyse the current network by develop a logical diagram. Your diagram must base on three-layers hierarchal model. The diagram should include the set of required servers, network devices, and connections with justification. You may have to make some assumptions with the required justifications.
Task Specifications
Prepare a report to propose a network design for the selected organization. Your report should
consider the followings:
I. Assume the selected organization wants to open new branch in a building located in Sydney city centre. The building has 8 floors and each floor has a lobby area. There are 30 rooms in each floor, each has a five network points to which the staff PC are connected. The branch
1network has four servers including file, print, DHCP and DNS servers. All the staff computer must be able to connect to the internet. Analysis and propose the organization IT infrastructure by:
1. Discuss the geographical scope of the network with the support of diagram and explain the network backbone devices and a categorization various network segments, users, and applications.
2. Develop a logical design diagram for the Sydney branch based on three-layers hierarchal model (Core, Distributed and Access layers). The network should include in detail the set of required network devices and servers, with the justification.
3. Identify the type of IP addresses with the subnet masks that can be used for the Sydney branch for the client and servers.
II. Assume the IT department of the selected organization wants to adapted virtualization and Cloud computed for hosting some of the organization application servers. Discuss the followings:
1. Propose two organizations that provides Cloud services for hosting the email and web servers of the organization. Justify your answer by explaining the level of services each company provides that suit the organization requirements.
2. Outline the techniques of using service virtualisation in supporting and implementing Cloud platforms.
3. Demonstrate how the Cloud computing can support the dynamic scaling of the selected organization applications.
You have to make some assumptions with the required justifications for your design.
Please note you have to use Harvard reference style and the report should be submitted as a Word file.
For successful completion of this assessment, you require to study the material provided (lecture slides, tutorials, and reading materials), engage in the unit's activities, and in the discussion forums. The prescribed textbook is the main reference along with the recommended reading material. Groups expected to discuss their work with lecturer and to seek support. In completing this assessment successfully, you will be able to effectively to write and communicate project scope and schedule plan, which will help in achieving ULO-3, ULO-4 and ULO-S, this will enable you to achieve CLO-1, CLO-4, CLO-6, CLO-7 and CLO-8 and all collectively with other unit learning outcomes will help in achieving GA2, GA9 and GA12.
Marking Criteria and Rubric: The assessment will be marked out of 100 and will be weighted 40% of the total unit mark
Marking Not satisfactory Satisfactory Good Very Good Excellent
Criteria (0-49%) of the (50-64%) of the (65-74%) of the (75-84%) of the (135-100%) of the
criterion mark) criterion mark criterion mark criterion mark criterion mark
Introduction Poor Introduction with Introduction is Introduction is Introduction is well Introduction is very
(5 mar.) irrelevant details presented briefly and is missing the report generally presented along with the report written, and the report outline is also well written, and the report outline is also
outline outline discussed discussed
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