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Marketing Plan (Target Market & Marketing Strategy)
This assessment accounts for the following proportion of marks for this unit
15% + 25% = 40%
1. Analyse how the key elements of the marketing mix contribute to an organisation's marketing
2. Compare alternative theories of consumer behaviour and contrast how they influence marketing
3. Determine the practical implications of core marketing theory including marketing empirical
generalisations, the Double Jeopardy and Duplication of Purchase laws;
4. Investigate marketing problems in business situations using marketing research and marketing
metrics, and effectively report results to a broader audience;
5. Formulate basic marketing strategies that can be implemented to address marketing problems
You must electronically submit your paper into the Turnitin assignment submission box within the BHO1171 VU Collaborate shell. Submissions must be in MS Word format.
Please note that paper copies will not be accepted. In case of the Turnitin or VU Collaborate (VUC) system being down, please email the assignment to your lecturer or local unit co-ordinator as a record of on time submission. Assignments will be marked using Grademark, within VU Collaborate. You will need to log into VU Collaborate to read feedback and obtain your mark once marking is complete. There is no re-submission for this assessment and only one student should submit the marketing plan in representation of the group. All group member names must be listed on the title page. However, by acknowledging submission the student takes responsibility of the actions of the members of the group. Therefore, the student submitting the work must check that the information given by peers is authentic, well supported with research and contain original thoughts. Please familiarise yourself with VU’s policy on Academic Honesty and Plagiarism. You can use, as a reference, the exemplary example of a marketing plan available on VUC however, we recommend that you use the marketing template also available from VUC.
Failure to meet assessment deadline(s)
Where special consideration is not applicable, a 10% (10 percentage point) deduction for each 24 hour period after the due date will be applied, unless an arrangement has been made with the unit coordinator prior to the due date.
This assessment comes in two parts.
Part 1: 23:59 hours in your local timezone on the Thursday of session 6
Part 2: 23:59 hours in your local timezone on the day of Session 10
• Target Market Analysis and Market Segmentation
o Are you going to segment and target a specific group, or mass market? Note that some marketing plans focus only on a specific segment that will be targeted for maximum growth. If this is the case, you will need to outline this segment and justify why this one has been chosen. If you have decided not to focus on a specific segment, you will need to justify this decision instead.
Complementing what you have written in Assessment 1 and Assessment 3A, Assessment 3B should include:
• Develop Marketing objective(s)
• Marketing mix tactics o This includes Product, Price, Promotion and Place tactical elements you will use to carry out your strategy and reach your market
• Conclusion o In here you should summarise the key elements of your marketing plan.
You may wish to refer to Chapter 13 of Sharp (2017) for more detailed information on marketing planning, in particular Table 13.1 suggests a structure for a marketing plan.
Name: Jackie Hammill
Date: 06/02/2019