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Evaluate the drivers of current and future models of therapeutics development.
In this essay please evaluate the current pharmaceutical industry, both globally and locally
and discuss the drivers for future developments in the industry. You should examine the
societal, legal and technological issues facing the industry and how these issues might lead
to changes in the industry in the future. What future do you see for the industry and what
obstacles does it need to overcome to get there? You should support your opinions with
evidence from the literature, government reports, industry reports etc and use case studies
where appropriate to support your perspective. There is no right or wrong answer.
Why am I asking you to complete this assessment task?
This essay is a personal reflection on your opinions of the future development of the
industry in which you have chosen to work. This essay is designed to get you thinking about
the industry as a whole in both a local and global context and to start looking at a wider view
of where the industry fits and how it evolves. It will also give you skills in learning how to
support your perspective with evidence — a critical skill in business intelligence.

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