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Assessment Task 3 —Case Study
Unit being assessed
BSBLDR50 I Develop and use emotional intelligence
Instructions for Assessment Task 3 Read and consider the following case study.
Answer each question in line with your workplace culture
Case Study
You have been nominated as a mentor for a new employee.
His name is Binot and he is from a multi-cultural background that would normally not outwardly show emotions.
Binot has sound LLN skills, and a positive attitude.
He will be an administrative assistant, and also have front counter duties, so will need to interact professionally and knowledgeably with a rage of diverse clients at all levels.
You are required to work with your manager to design and develop an induction and training program that will assist Binot to express appropriate emotions to ensure clients needs are exceeded.
State at least 3 cultural barriers that need to be overcome to assist Binot in his transition into the
Describe some possible emotional solutions to each of these barriers
Explain reasons to Binot why these actions are so important
Provide 3 ideas on how to respond to emotional cues/ body language
Describe how you will encourage feedback and suggestions in the workplace from co-workers
This case study should be approximately 500 words in length.