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I have to write a critical essay on behaviorism about how it views child development.Then compare contrast with othe rlearning others justifying that every theory is important for child development not jut one.
Critical Essay on Lenses on Child Development
The goal of this task is to support students to develop critical thinking in relation to child development theories by analysing how different theories can be used in understanding children. Students are asked to explore one particular theory and counter-argue concepts using lenses from alternative theoretical perspectives. Students will justify how they will use multiple theories to analyse child development in order to plan effectively for children. It is recommended that students consider 1 —3 alternative theories that have been discussed so far in the unit.
This assignment requires you to:
1) select ONE of the following statements for your critical analysis.
1. Behaviourism: Childrens development is shaped by others through the form of reinforcement or stimulus. Children are therefore always passive recipients and dependent upon others in order to develop.
2. Developmentally Appropriate Practice/Maturational Theories: Childrens development is sequential and they generally follow the same pattern of development in various developmental domains (e.g. social, emotional, language, cognitive & physical development).
3. Psychoanalytical Theories: Childrens social and emotional competence develops as they enter a crisis mode in their life. How others respond to them and support them through this crisis determines how they will develop social and emotional competence in the future.
4. Humanism: In order for children and humans to understand and accept their self, acknowledge what they can do and make good decisions for themselves, various levels of needs must be met first. These needs include nurturing their physiological and safety needs, experiencing a sense of belonging and love, and feeling motivated to achieve.
2) Provide a description of the focus theory from your chosen statement and include how the key concepts view the development of the child. Using critical analysis, discuss the chosen statement by bringing in other theories that challenge some of the claims this statement makes (e.g. if you have chosen statement 2, you might use behaviourism to challenge that development and learning is sequential). In your discussion, also argue the possible problems that might arise from considering development through only one lens and discuss benefits of incorporating multiple theoretical underpinnings. You must draw upon current (published within the last 10 years) peer-reviewed literature to support your arguments.
1. Introduction
Provide a brief statement about the focus topic you have chosen and other theoretical
perspectives you will discuss. (100 words)
2. Main Arguments
This section can have 3 - 4 sub-headings outlining the key themes that you will be
discussing. (1600 words)
3. Conclusion
From the arguments, draw your conclusions. Highlight at least 2 implications that your
arguments have for analysing childrens development. (300 words)
4. References
Your reference list must be in accordance with APA 6- Edition referencing conventions and
must include at least 9 peer-reviewed articles or texts.
2000 words ± 10%
Assignments should not exceed the word limit by more than 10% and therefore may only range between 1800 - 2200 words, not including the reference list. You must use black font only in Arial (size 11) or Times New Roman (size 12) with headings bold or italics, ensuring you are consistent with each level (e.g. Heading Level 1 - Bold, Heading Level 2 - Italics, etc). Ensure your line spacing is at least 1.5 and separate paragraphs are indented or double-spaced.
Make sure to include the following on your cover page:
• your name,
• student ID,
• unit code and name,
• tutorial and tutors name
• title on your assignment.
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