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Clinical Project Assessment 2
Assessment 2 (70%):
2. Clinical Project Assignment 60% – (3000 words) - Due Week 8
Introduce your topic and outline what steps you are going through in this assessment.
- Explain the Relevance of the topic with the evidence from literature.
- Explain Why you chose this topic as your project. Support literature findings
- What was the Gaps, that provoked you to think and learn about this skill?
- What is the Focus of the project? / main Objective
- What all objectives you expect to achieve through the process and by the end of this project? Add literature findings to support the benefits of your learning.
- What are the benefits of learning this skill?
- Have you encountered any issue in the past that made you think about learning this skill?
- Add literature findings to support the benefits of learning this skill.
- What have you achieved in your learning?
- What are the implications of learning this skill related to your chosen speciality area? add literature to support
Summarise and highlight the purpose of your project
What you have learnt
Have you achieved all your objectives by the proposed time frame?
Express your feeling
Make future recommendations

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3313 words including references

Topic selected: Cancer

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