Recent Question/Assignment

topics related to manufacturing and management but should be specific to any industry. i.e narrowed to a particular topic not a broader area of study.topics like reducing lead time by implementing fast response ... etc...but tell me the topic area first before beginning.
Title of Your Essay
Identification of a research question with an understanding of the context, the challenges, uncertainties and risks. (1000-1200 words)
In this essay you need to cover the following four areas:
• Identification of a research question from a practical or theoretical perspective
o Point out your research question (it may be a statement)
o Review of existing responses and/or solutions to the research question
• Analysis of its social/economic/technical context and impacts
• Discussion of uncertainties and risks (ethical/social/technical) associated with the question and/or solutions
Written communication features:
• Critical analysis and synthesis
• Appropriate technical language. Clarity, precision and economy of writing
• Well structured (presentation and organisation) and correct referencing
• Correct referencing
It is recommended to use sub-titles to structure your essay.
References are required.