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Corporate Governance & Risk Management
Reflective Essay
QUESTION: What do the terms ‘governance’ and ‘risk management’ mean to you? The assessment will cover material from the first 4 weeks of the unit and also asks you to draw on your personal experience with, and understanding of, issues related to corporate governance and risk management. This assessment is intended to get you to reflect on the key characteristics of these terms as they apply to you personally and in the context of your work and/or communal experience. In so doing you need to consider the importance of your self-development and learning in aspects of governance and risk assessment and/or management, and the extent to which a professional must learn from their experience in order to be a more effective participant in matters relating to organizational governance and risk management. You need to relate your views to aspects of theory as well as practice and where possible provide examples to illustrate and support your views.
NOTE: * Relate Governance to Agency Theory
* Relate Risk Management to Stakeholder Theory
Additional: If you can mention some practical examples in related to the theories, it will be really great. And please be clarified about the citations and references. Thanks. All the best.