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2.4 Assessment Details
2.4.1 Essay
Weight: 30%
Type of Collaboration: Individual
Due: Week 5, Saturday 6 April 2019, before 11.00 pm
Submission: You are required to submit your comparative analysis to Tumitin Link in vUWS in Week 5. Saturday 06 April 2019, before 11.00 pm.
Format: The essay is required to be 1.5 spacing in 12 pt. Arial font
A reference list is required.
Length: 800 Words
Curriculum Mode: Essay
This assessment requires you to write a comparative analysis of your own culture of origin and any other culture of your choice. As a basis for your comparison, you should familiarise yourself with Trompenaar's -cultural value dimensions- (see and Ferraro's (Textbook p. 6 - 10) -Cultural Universals- , GLOBE project (Textbook p 98-103) and the Hofstede Centre which produces comparisons of national cultures across five criteria:
This reading will provide you with a framework to research and analyse your own culture and another culture as your preference. A specific area within vUWS is available you with some links to relevant resources. Additional instructions, including a short instructional video, on this assessment are available on vUWS under the Assessment 1 tab.
Writing your comparative analysis Exh student will be required to write a comparative analysis of their own culture and any other culture of your choice. Your comparative analysis should demonstrate an ability to compare and contrast any chosen culture with your cultural group using the framework referred to above (i.e., Trcenpenaars. Ferraro, GLOBE project and/or Hofstede). To achieve this, you should select only one dimension of culture (e.g., particularism vs universalism or family systems or individual vs collectivist orientation etc.) to explore in detail. The learning from your comparative analysis will be identifying similarities and differences about your own culture and another culture. You are required to discuss some generalisations that can be made. based we the comparison of the two cultures that could be relevant to managing in the global envirannent.You should use at least three credible online references, in addition to your customised text. to suppert your analysis and discussion.
Draft Submission In Week 4 you need to bring your 'draft' cultural comparison to the
tutorial. Within your team you will be providing feedback to each other
on the comparative analysis using the marking criteria. You may like to agree who will provide feedback on whose drafts during the tutcrial.
Fermat 800 weeds, 1 !S spacing in 12 pt. Arial font
A reference list is required.
Marking criteria See below. Marking criteria can also be found en vUWS under Assessments: Assessment 1: Marking criteria.
Marking Criteria:
0. 14.9. 15 . 19.4 19.5. 22.4 22.5. 25.4
Submission requirements

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1164 words including references

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