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For this assignment you are asked to relate Assignment 1 to a nominated domain of development identifying some areas of commonalities and differences in the literature. For this assignment you are now looking more closely at child development. A minimum of 5 sources of literature is required for this assignment.
Steps to approach the task:

Take the Skill Development Academic Literacy Module. This is crucial to your assessment journey. The module will take you between 15-25 minutes
2. Select a domain development. For example;
Physical development
Emotional development
Social development
Cognitive development
Language development
3. Discuss your understandings of this domain of child development
Select one of the aspects of child development from assignment 1 and look at this more deeply in the context of your selected domain of development.
For example if you wrote about nature vs nature in assignment task 1 and selected cognitive development in step 1 of this assessment task, then you will need to critique how nature vs nature is discussed in relation to cognitive development.
Some ways to approach this critique includes the following questions;

- In what ways has the theory been critiqued?
- What have we learned from this theory?
- Have there been any modifications to this theory over the years?

It will be important to investigate what arguments have been advanced and why. As a first source, go to your text and continue reading in this nominated domain of development.

4. Proof read your work to ensure that your work is grammatically correct and that you have correctly followed Deakin Harvard referencing procedures:
Skill Development 2: Academic Literacy
This is the second module in a series of three that you will undertake in this unit.
This module has been developed to help you navigate the world of academic articles – articles you will not only use in your studies, but also in your work as a professional educator.
Remember, each uses a real-world scenario (a hypothetical) to frame your learning.
Click here to access the module

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1426 words including references

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