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Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships BSBLDR502
Team Project - Elements 1 - 4
In allocated teams, participants are to create a new business — e.g. retail, restaurant, public accountants, sporting team, insurance company.
You must come up with a company name and logo for your organisation. You must also prepare company documents for your organisation including:
Mission statement (this should be a short statement that describes what your organisation is all about — correct grammar and spelling is of the utmost importance) (4 marks)
Operational/business plan (this plan is your day to day running of your organisation — this should include operating hours, staffing, standard operating procedures and resources) (6 marks)
Strategic plan (your strategic plan needs to be a long term plan of where your organisation is heading e.g. 5 year plan, including expansions, franchises). This plan should be at least two detailed paragraphs. (6 marks)
Code of conduct (6 detailed codes of conduct must be included) (6 marks)
Workplace Documents relevant to your business - should include workplace policies such as Work Health and Safety and Victorian Employment Legislation such as workplace and employee rights. Choose 3 policies from each of the above and relate them to your business. (6 marks)
Employee Satisfaction Survey a survey with at least 6 questions that provides feedback about the organisation from employees. (6 marks)
Customer Satisfaction Survey a survey with at least 6 questions that provides information regarding
customer experience and satisfaction — used to assist with continuous improvement processes.
(6 marks)
Teams can use the internet to get ideas and examples of company documents sample survey templates.
All participants must contribute to the project and prepare a report including all of the criteria above. Participants will be given a total group mark out of 40.
Project 1, Version 1— December 2018 Review June 2019

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1461 words including references

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