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Assessment Task 1 — Research Project
Task description
You are required to write a research study from suggested topics discussed in class. The topic chosen will be based on an evidence-based practice question or issue within nursing practice. You must provide a literature review that includes at least three primary research articles to support evidence of current best practice. Once best practice is confirmed an action plan is to be
developed to change your own practice or workplace practice all the research findings.
The Research study should include:
Introduction and outline of research question
a. Outline what the research topic is that is being discussed
b. Use the PICO tool discussed in class to create a searchable question
c. Explain the link between best practice and research. How does research uncover current best practice?
d. Explore duty of care and evidence-based practice. Why is an answer to your 410 evidence-based practice question or issue important?
e. Explain how the question will be answered (through a search of current literature for relevant findings).
Q2 Literature review, which answers the research question being asked. ,
a. Explain how the literature was found (key search terms and search engines used)
b. Make sure your articles are primary research studies
c. Include a paragraph for each article critically appraising the research. Include in review: the research question being asked by the authors; methodology used in the research study; main findings; ethical considerations and concerns; limitations; and overall quality of the study.
d. Explore other strategies for confirming best practice (e.g.: policies and procedures,
position statements, peer discussion, expert opinion).
e. Conclusion that summarises the findings from the literature review and confirms current best practice.
Develop an Action Plan to address outcomes form your research. This may involve either changing or affirming your own clinical practice or more widely bringing change to your workplace to ensure that best-practice guidelines are being met. Include in the plan how you will introduce practice change, what the benefits will be, what barriers may need to overcome and what risks there may be related to changing practice. Is more research needed to fully explore your question?
You need to submit a 1200-1500 word report of the research study providing a comprehensive summary of findings from your research and addressing the key areas listed above. The report must be fully referenced as per APA guidelines outlined in the student handbook.