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Assessment 1 - Report
Weight: (30%)
Must Complete: Yes
Word Length: 1000 words
Notes: Written Assessment - Report
Due Date: Please see the bottom of this page
This assessment relates to:
Learning Outcomes 1 - 3, 6
Make sure you read all of the information listed below so that you know exactly what this assignment entails. Not reading the instructions is one of the main reasons why students lose marks.
In this assessment piece you have to:
Review the six websites for a variety of publications. Examine the websites via the links provided below:
Review all the sites.
Select one of the sites above that you consider a valid and reliable source of information and address the following;
1. Identify why you selected the source in preference to the others provided.
2. What are the editorial policies around having an article published?
3. Is there a peer review process prior to publication and if so, what is the process?
4. Is the source viewed within your chosen profession as a reliable source of information?
5. Would you accept the information provided and alter your view/practice based on the information source?
Please add a title page (with your name / student number / unit code / unit coordinator name / due date and words included) and present your work in Report format. A guide to writing a Report is attached below
Additional support and guidance will be offered in the unit content, via the Assessment Task Discussion Forum and via Zoom sessions.
Marking Rubric:
The marking rubric provided should be used as a guide when preparing your assignment.
Wk HLTH101 Assessment 1 Marking Rubric.docx n Writing a Report.pdf
Submission status

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1125 words including references

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