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Market Analysis

Require students to demonstrate their ability to undertake market analysis in a specified product category, using a number of business tools to prepare a report about the findings.
Assume you are the Marketing Director of a company, which is planning to launch a new product in the marketplace. You are required to provide a sound market analysis for company management, which will convince them that the launch of the new product and will enable them to decide on the specific product positioning and branding.
The Analysis should follow the following outline:
1. Brief introduction explaining what the purpose of the document is.
2. Macroenvironmental analysis in the field of the product category/industry
a. PESTEL: what opportunities and threats are emerging from it?
b. Industry analysis: Industry Life Cycle, 5 Forces Analysis (is the industry attractive?), Competitor Analysis, Strategic Groups analysis; Environmental stability.
c. Customer analysis
3. Micro-level analysis: internal to the company strengths and weaknesses, distinctive skills, capabilities and competencies and company resources as sources of competitive advantage (CA); Value Chain analysis;
4. Conclusion: need to show that the Market Situation Analysis indicates favourable conditions for the launch of your new product, but also to outline the threats and constraints to be considered.

There are 2 files

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1058 words including references

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slides Count: 7 slides with speaker notes at the bottom of each slide.

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