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Innovation padlet webpage
Value: 10%
Due Date: 24-Mar-2019
Return Date: 12-Apr-2019
Submission method options: Alternative submission method
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Assessment 1 is a low value (10%), progress check-in on Assessment Item 2 - the innovation audit of your workplace or organisation of choice. It also provides the opportunity for you to share with your fellow students what you are learning about innovation as well as the background and capabilities of the organisation you are examining.
Understanding the focus of the various assessment tasks in MKT520
Assessments 1 & 2 and Assessment 3 & 4 are complementary. You can use the same organisation for all assignments but if you prefer you can choose a different organisation for the later 2 assignments.
My first piece of advice is to look at both sets of assignments together and see the clear differences. A2 has a focus on innovation (dealt with in the first half of the subject) whereas A3 has a focus on new product development practices. So please do not focus on the new product development process in assessment items 1 & 2.
Your task is to create a webpage (using Padlet*) that very clearly and concisely reports on selected aspects of the innovation capabilities of the organisation you will be critically evaluating in assessment 2.
On your webpage you should:
provide (concise) relevant information on your organisation
present three issues relating to innovation that you are focusing on in your written report
explain the importance of these issues to your chosen organisation
Consider whether any/all of your three identified issues are shaped by the context of your organisation- its size, types of products, types of consumers, nature of the industry etc.
Your padlet webpage should be visually appealing. Consider how you can use multimedia (including images, charts or diagrams, videos and more) to represent your ideas or key issues clearly and concisely, but without oversimplifying NPD concepts. Your page should be informative and engaging, structured clearly to make it attractive and easily understandable by your audience.
Your webpage should -stand alone- from your written report (Assessment 2), which is to be submitted at a later date. Referencing, where necessary, should be APA-6 Style. For details of referencing requirements see the user friendly CSU referencing guide Your reference list can be a created as a link from your main web page.
When working with images online it is also important that you respect copyright. This CSU library guide contains useful information for you on using images in your assessment items.
To make your job easier, you can use your own images or do an advanced search in Google images so that you limit your search to images that are -free to use, share or modify, even commerically-.
*Padlet is an easy to use tool for building a webpage (even if you have NO prior experience in creating a webpage.) Instructions on how to use these tools (along with further advice on this assessment) will be available in the Resources/assessment prior to the commencement of the session.