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Assessment Task 1
Description of assessment task
For this assignment you are asked to read and reflect?on child development theories. You are required to use at?least 2 sources, this can include?the set text (Berk 2012 or Berk?and Meyers 2016)
Steps to approach the task:
Take the Skill Development Digital Literacy Module. This is crucial to your assessment journey. The module will take you between 15-25 minutes
Reflect on the weekly readings provided in weeks 1 and 2. Based on these readings define the term?‘child development’ (your work in the Digital Literacy Module will have given you a head start on this)
Identify?and explain?three other ideas relating to child development theory from the readings. Describe?why these ideas are?important to the field of early childhood education. For example, some ideas may include:
a) Nature vs Nurture theories
b) Continuous vs Discontinuous theories
c) Plasticity vs Stability theories
d) One course of development vs many courses of development theories
e) Critical periods vs Sensitive period theories
These are a few examples you?will find in the text and other?relevant literature, there are many other?aspects of child development which you can investigate. Once again, the Digital Literacy Module will have given you a strong head start here.
Proof read your work to ensure that your work is grammatically correct and that you have correctly followed Deakin Harvard referencing procedures:
Skill Development 1: Digital literacy
This is the first module in a series of three that you will undertake in this unit.
This module has been developed to help you navigate the world of academic articles – articles you will not only use in your studies, but also in your work as a professional educator.
Remember, each uses a real-world scenario (a hypothetical) to frame your learning.
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Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 512 words including references

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