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Assessment Task 1 Guide
Length: 400 words (10% above or below)
Due Date: 11:59pm March 20th 2019
Weighting: 10%
Students will perform a critique of two sources of literature. To ‘critique’ is to provide a review of a piece of work, idea, written or oral communication by systematic analysis.
This means that you need to think deeply about what is being said, drill down through the ideas and pull out information and meaning from the work.
To critique is to go much deeper than just reporting back what was said. It’s about considering the implications, possibilities and potential consequences of the ideas presented and articulating your own, well-supported opinions.
Step 1: Carefully read the two pieces of literature:
Barblett, L 2010, Why play based learning?, Every Child, Vol. 16, No. 3, retrieved XXXX 2018,
Robertson, N., Morrissey, A & Rouse, L 2018 ‘Play-based learning can set your child up for success at school and beyond’, The Conversation, 22 February, retrieved XXXX 2018,
Step 2: Compare and contrast the ideas discussed within each literature piece to develop a critical review of play-based learning. You should answer the following questions:
What is play?
What is play-based learning
How and why to children learn through play?
Your critical review should not just regurgitate the ideas provided within the articles. You need to think deeply about the ideas in order to present arguments that are supported with literature.
To think deeply means that you need to go deeper than stating the ‘what of an argument’, by also including the ‘how and why’.
Don't forget...
Support your discussion with referenced, credible and up to date scholarly literature. You must follow the guidelines for the Harvard referencing style. The Harvard Style of referencing is used in the School of Education at Deakin, and it is expected that you will become familiar with it.
Guidelines for the style can be found in the University’s Guide to assignment writing and referencing by following the link:
Before you submit an assignment, please make sure that you have checked the following items:
Format: MS Word document (.doc /.docx)
Page size: A4 (210 x 297 mm)
Line spacing: 1.5
Margins: normal
Spelling and grammar check: on
Paragraph: Spacing for new paragraph
Text font: Times New Roman, 12 point
Referencing style: Harvard
Reference list: End of the assignment (in alphabetical order)
Appendix: End of the assignment (optional)
There is a high expectation that you will read for comprehension and write for clarity of meaning. Please gather the ideas from your text and/or readings, reflecting on and then use them to support your ideas. Write clearly and simply. Use subheadings where appropriate

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 475 words including references

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