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Assignment 1 – Due Friday week 4
Task: Pick one of the articles for assignment 1.
The relevance of course content is more apparent when you can see how marketing principles can be examined in real life businesses.
This assignment will help you:
• Analyse a media article for information
• Show how marketing concepts are being used by a business
• Use the form of an essay to discuss how and why the concepts are being used in this way
Task Description
(You need to choose your article)
Explain how the situation in the article is connected to a topic in this course. For example, an article might discuss how a company is gathering or using market research. Outline what the company is reportedly doing and then relate this to the course content on market research. Your assignment could explain, based on the course content, why the company is doing this in a particular way and what the company is doing similar to, or different from, the material presented in lectures and the textbook. Be careful that you do not simply describe or repeat the content of the article. Your assignment is not a summary of the article but shows how marketing concepts are at work in the organisation you read about.
No credit will be given for description or repetition of the article. We will not mark any more than 450 words (10% over). The assignment may be written in short answer and with some bullet points if required. We are interested in your comparison and analysis, not in repeating or describing what is in the article.
There are sample examples of this style of sample using previous articles to give you an idea how to approach this type of assignment.
Resubmission of this assignment may be permitted – your lecturer will let you know if you qualify for this.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 639 words including references

Title -: Coles and Uber Eats test ready to-eat meal deliveries

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