Recent Question/Assignment

Question 1
Outline what codes of practices do. What is the difference between voluntary and mandatory codes of practice? What are three objectives of the ADMA code of the practice.
Question 2
Outline the key types of legislation affecting business operation. Provide at least five examples.
Question 3.
Describe the structure/ form that direct marketing can take. 50-75words
Question 4
What are the advantages and disadvantages to an organization of having a broad marketing mix? Provide at least two examples for each.
Question 5
Against what kind of goals should marketing opportunities be evaluated? Provide at least five examples and briefly describe how they should be structured/ quantified.
Question 6
Explain principles of marketing and marketing mix. 150-200 words
Question 7
Describe statistical methods and techniques to evaluate marketing opportunities, including forecasting techniques.150-200 words