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Research report
Submission details
Candidate’s Name Phone No.
Assessor’s Name Phone No.
Assessment Site
Assessment Date/s Time/s
The assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.
Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details.
Performance objective
Candidates are required to conduct online research into health and wellbeing issues that affect productivity in a workplace. Issues identified must be analysed and an approach presented to avoid or mitigate the problem.
Assessment description
Research and identify three common health issues in workplace that can affect productivity. For each issue, outline some standard approaches, select a preferred option from each and present a report to senior management for approval to develop a program.
Complete the following steps:
1. With your assessor, determine a suitable workplace or simulated business to support the first three assessment tasks.
2. Identify three common health issues that can affect productivity in the workplace.
3. Identify two consultants able to help in your research.
4. Research internal (workplace or simulated workplace documents such as policies or planning) and external sources of information for each identified issue for the following:
a. Importance of the issues for workplace objectives or requirements, particularly in regard to productivity outcomes.
b. Prevalence of the issue and any forecasts (i.e. is it an emerging or growing problem?), especially within the Australian workforce or relevant to the chosen workplace.
c. Identify standard approaches to address the issue in the workplace (10-15 words per description).
d. For two of the identified approaches, briefly detail how the approach is managed in the workplace (1-2 paragraphs per approach), and give reasons for which management approach you prefer.
5. Present the above information in a brief oral presentation, with a supporting written summary, to a management team meeting (simulated with your assessor), ensuring that you:
a. Provide a summary report, no longer than two A4 pages, to be handed out to meeting attendees at the commencement of your presentation.
b. Outline three health issues impacting on workplace productivity (step 1).
c. Describe the impact of and your proposed approaches to each issue (step 2).
d. Ask for feedback and approval to develop a program to address one of the issues using your preferred approach.
You must provide:
• A brief oral presentation (duration and time to be negotiated with your assessor). Use interpersonal skills to build support for your proposed program.
• A brief written summary to support your presentation, including the names and details of two consultants.
Your assessor will be looking for:
• Evidence that you have examined the identified health issues and accurately described approaches to managing them.
Distance-based learners:
• Fulfil the specifications above, except that:
o Candidates should submit a portable document format (PDF) file via email, in lieu of a paper-based printout, in advance of their presentation if they are presenting via Skype (or with their submitted evidence for a video-based presentation).
o Presentation of training session can be conducted:
? Via a live video medium (such as Skype). This would need to be organised in advance with the assessor.
? Via a pre-recorded video presentation. The recording should be submitted in either DVD or VHS tape format, or uploaded to YouTube (or similar video-sharing site), and the URL sent to the assessor. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that confidentiality agreements are not breached, and that any online files are available for a period of at least two weeks to allow the assessor adequate time to review the presentation.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1324 words including references

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