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Subject Code and Title MGT603: Systems Thinking
Assessment Rich Picture, CATWOE and Root Definition Report
Individual/Group Individual
Length Up to 1200 words
Learning Outcomes b) Create a visual depiction of a multi-dimensional complex situation that represents differing views
Submission By 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Friday of Module 4.2 (week 8)
Weighting 20%
Total Marks 20 marks
We live in a dynamic world, which consists of various complex adaptive systems and requires today’s managers to take a holistic view of the business. In order to gain a holistic understanding, managers need to understand all the key stakeholders and the intended and unintended consequences of their decisions. To achieve this objective, managers need to learn and apply systems thinking tools and techniques. One such tool is “Rich Picture”. Rich picture helps us express our own understanding of the world, the stakeholders to be considered and the impact that they may have our actions. Tools such as Rich picture, CATWOE and Root Definition reports helps us to understand others’ perspectives without getting involved in conflicting arguments of convincing one another about their own worldview.
This assessment is to be completed individually and is linked to Assessment 1.
To successfully complete Assessment two (2) students will write a comprehensive report that helps resolve the problem they introduced in Assessment 1. Using the resulting discussion as a platform students are required to analyse and synthesise consequences on various stakeholders involved while achieving the goals and objectives through policy implementation. There are two (2) sections to Assessment 2
1) Rich Picture – Students are to create a Rich Picture of the problem they identified in Assessment 1. This can be hand drawn and should provide an consise overview of the complex system under review.
2) Root Definition report using CATWOE – A Root Definition report is a structured analysis and description of the system being investigated. A Root Definition report explains the what, how and why. A CATWOE analysis can help in the development of a thorough Root Definition Report. CATWOE is a mnemonic that identifys all stakeholders in the system being analysed. CATWOE stands for
C- Customers/clients
A - Actors
T – Transformation Process
W- Weltanschauung / Worldview
O – Owners
E- Environment
To successfully complete Assessment 2 both sections must be completed. Your final report must include x Rich Picture x Root Definition Report using CATWOE.
x And, based on these two tools, students will recommend a minimum of two (2) optimal solutions to overcome the problem/policy challenge identified in Assessment 1.
PLEASE NOTE: Your artistic talent will not be assessed, but rather your holistic understanding of the problem in question.
For further assistance please refer to the below links for examples of Rich Pictures and CATWOE analysis.
Submission Instructions:
The Rich Picture and Root Definition Report using CATWOE needs to be produced according to academic writing guidelines and must be submitted in compliance with the following;
1. You should make significant references to the subject material and substantial wider reading. A minimum four (4) academic (books & peer-reviewed journal articles) & two (2) other sources (newspaper article, trade publications, websites, etc.) must be used. These should be referenced in the APA style, both in-text and in a reference list. References to ‘Wikipedia’ or similar unsubstantiated sources will not be accepted.
2. The Assessment is to include in-text citations and a reference list following the latest
APA referencing style. The APA referencing guide can be located in the Academic Writing Guide at
3. Submit Rich Picture, CATWOE and Root definition Report (with references) via the Assessment link in the main navigation menu in MGT603 Systems Thinking on the Student Portal. The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via Grade Centre in the Student Portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.
Students should use the brief to guide what to include in the assessment and the following rubric to inform the standard required.